MoreSpigotEvents 1.1

Adds more spigot events to your server

  1. Okx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    This plugin depends on ProtocolLib. If you do not have it, download it here. You may also add it as a dependency for your plugin, as some of the objects returned by the API are part of ProtocolLib's library.

    This adds 7 more spigot events for use in your server, namely:

    Fired when a player receives a message from the server.

    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerReceiveMessageEvent#getPlayer()
    EnumWrappers.ChatType PlayerReceiveMessageEvent#getType()
    WrappedChatComponent getMessage()
    // toPlainText returns getMessage() in text format, instead of JSON.
    String toPlainText()
    boolean PlayerReceiveMessageEvent#isCancelled()
    void PlayerReceiveMessageEvent#setCancelled(boolean)
    This fires when a player's camera changes, i.e when they left click a player in spectator mode.

    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerCameraChangeEvent#getPlayer()
    Entity PlayerCameraChangeEvent#getCamera()
    boolean PlayerCameraChangeEvent#isCancelled()
    void PlayerCameraChangeEvent#setCancelled(boolean)


    Fired when a player is inflicted with mining fatigue from an elder guardian.

    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerElderGuardianEffectEvent#getPlayer()
    boolean PlayerElderGuardianEffectEvent#isCancelled()
    // Note that if this event is cancelled, the player will still be affected by
    // mining fatigue but will not receive the sound effect nor the visual effect.
    void PlayerElderGuardianEffectEvent#setCancelled(boolean)

    Fired when the player receives the header and/or footer in the player list. This will never fire on a vanilla server.


    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerListUpdateEvent#getPlayer()
    BaseComponent[] PlayerListUpdateEvent#getHeader()
    BaseComponent[] PlayerListUpdateEvent#getFooter()
    boolean PlayerListUpdateEvent#isCancelled()
    void PlayerListUpdateEvent#setCancelled(boolean)


    Fired when a player opens the sign editor, i.e when they place a sign.


    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerOpenSignEditorEvent#getPlayer()
    // Note that chunk position only stores X, Y and Z, not the world.
    ChunkPosition PlayerOpenSignEditorEvent#getPosition()
    boolean PlayerOpenSignEditorEvent#isCancelled()
    // Cancelling this event will make the client place an empty sign.
    void PlayerOpenSignEditorEvent#setCancelled(boolean)
    Fired when the server sends the client its statistics


    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerReceiveStatisticsEvent#getPlayer()
    int PlayerReceiveStatisticsEvent#getStatistic(WrappedStatistic)
    int PlayerReceiveStatisticsEvent#getStatistic(String)
    Map<WrappedStatistic, Integer> PlayerReceiveStatisticsEvent#getStatistics()


    Fired when the client updates their settings. They may be the same as their previous settings.


    Code (Text):
    Player PlayerSettingsUpdateEvent#getPlayer()
    ClientSettings PlayerSettingsUpdateEvent#getSettings()

    String ClientSettings#getLocale()
    int ClientSettings#getViewDistance()
    // The chat visibility of the client. Can be all, commands only, or hidden.
    EnumWrappers.ChatVisibility ClientSettings#getMode()
    // Get whether the client has colours enabled in their chat
    boolean ClientSettings#isEnableColours()
    // Gets the enabled skin parts for client
    SkinParts ClientSettings#getSkinParts()
    // Get whether the client is set as left-handed or right-handed.
    EnumMainHand ClientSettings#getMainHand()

    The events should be listened to as you would standard spigot events. Remember to add depend: [MoreSpigotEvents, ProtocolLib] in your plugin.yml to make sure that this plugin is loaded before yours is. ProtocolLib is there because some of the objects MoreSpgiotEvent returns are from ProtocolLib.

    Be sure to send me a PM if you have any suggestions.

    If you need an example, I used this class to help debug the plugin, so it may help you understand its API if you're unsure.
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  1. xSplinxy
    Version: 1.0
    Looks like a very clean API and very descriptive on how to use it. Good job! Maybe some examples could help some people out though - just a suggestion!
    1. Okx
      Author's Response
      It's very intuitive, and if you have any issues, feel free to contact me.
  2. Squishling
    Version: 1.0
    Very Nice API. Haven't used it in one of my plugins as of yet, but I can see this being very useful. (Especially PlayerCameraChangeEvent)
    1. Okx