Morkaz Anty Enderdragon Portal Creation/Spawn 2015-12-08

Morkaz Enderdragon Anty Portal Creation Spawn

  1. Msql
    Very simple plugin.
    It prevents EnderDragon portal creation after death.
    Plugin is extremly lightweight.
    You can configure in which world you want to prevent portal spawn.
    Hope this plugin will be usefull for someone :)!


    1. 150px-EnderDragonPortal.png

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2015-12-08
    Great plugin but, this cause some strange error. When i add this plugin my server crushing randomly with no error in log.
  2. plakidan
    Version: 2015-12-08
    Plugin doesn't works. My server is on KCauldron 1.7.10 (It is some kind of Bukkit) /
    1. Msql
      Author's Response
      It is dedicated to Spigot or Bukkit and it is listening ONLY for Bukkit API events..
  3. xGardiac_
    Version: 2015-12-08
    This plugin is awesome but I can You make plugin that is going to set End spawn like when you enter portal you wont spawn on obsidian but on place you set?! I really need it !
    1. Msql
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thank you for your positive review :)! Do you mean, when player will go into end portal, he will be teleported to position what you will set? It is easy to do, also, so many plugins offer that. If you are using "skript", I can send you simple script that will make what you want ;)