Morph 1.1 (Beta)

Become anything, be everything.

  1. Borlea
    Note: This plugin is not in a full working state, I would like to dedicate some time to fix it up and put it in a more playable state but currently that is not possible.


    Morph is a replica(to an extent) of the Minecraft Forge Mod Morph created by IChun where you can transform into almost anything you kill and use the special abilities that come with the entity. As with it being in a beta phase, not everything is bugless and not every animal/monster morph has its disadvantages/advantages. Those will come in the future.

    This plugin is a simple drag and drop to install, unless you want to disable/enable a certain ability or deny access to a certain feature by permission or config. After its installed and loaded you just need to kill anything living once and type /morph to select it.

    I think the config is pretty self explanatory with the added comments, if you need any extra information pm me or create a post in the discussion.
    #Setting this to false the plugin to attempt to connect to a mysql database with the information provided.
    flatfile: true

    database: Morph
    port: 3306
    username: root
    password: SuperSecret

    #Cooldown is in milliseconds, 1000 milliseconds is a second.
    #Abilities are used by left/right clicking with an empty hand
    #Flying doesn't have a cooldown, just given the ability to double tap fly in that morph.
    #Toggles mobs like Bats/Ghasts/Blaze the ability to fly
    flying: true
    #Toggles the ability for skeletons to shoot an arrow by left clicking
    enabled: true
    cooldown: 500
    #Toggles the ability for monsters to do explosive related things, (Creepers/Ghasts)
    enabled: false
    cooldown: 5000
    #Toggles the ability for enderman to shoot ender pearls.
    enabled: true
    cooldown: 5000
    #Toggles the ability for rabbits to get a jump boost for 5 seconds.
    enabled: true
    cooldown: 5000

    By default all permissions are set to everyone. You maybe change this by restricting it via your permission plugin.
    morph.*: Gives/Removes everything below.
    morph.abilities.*: Has all abilities as its children.
    morph.abilities.flying: Gives the ability to fly if enabled in the config.
    morph.abilities.arrowShoot: Give the ability to shoot arrows if enabled in the config.
    morph.abilities.explosion: Gives the ability to do explosive related things if enabled in the config.
    morph.abilities.enderpearl: Gives the ability to shoot enderpearls if enabled in the config.
    morph.abilities.jumpBoost: Gives the ability to get a Jump Boost potion effect if enabled in the config.
    morph.transform.players: Lets players kill and gain a morph of a player

    As I said above, all perms are given by default to all players.
    If you would like permissions for certain things please post in the discussion.

    This plugin is currently in a beta phase and may have issues, it may not be the most efficient at this time and I'll work to improve it.

    Player related transforming isn't perfect and is being worked on.

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      I've updated the plugin to 1.1 which should fix this plus handle it better in the future.