MossyCompass 1.16

Compass Tracking Plugin

  1. MossyAB
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    • 1.16
    New Compass Tracking Plugin!

    This plugin allows for you to be able to track a players location by using a compass! With a simple right-click of a compass!

    While in the game you can use the command /compass to give yourself a compass that you can use to track other players, however any compass will use this.

    To select a person to track you can use /track (username) and your compass will begin to point at the location that player is at, at the time of you executing your command!

    Once a player has been selected to be tracked, if you right click a compass it will re-locate the players, and start to point at the location the player is at when it is right clicked.

    If a player dies with a compass on them, it will not be dropped on death. Following this, if the player has the permission mossycompas.respawn then when they respawn they will be given a compass.

    /compass - mossycompass.give
    /track - mossycompass.track
    Compass on Respawn - mossycompass.respawn

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