MOTD Changer 1.8.1

This plugin allows you to change MOTD in-game

  1. 1.8.1 - Little mistake

    I made a little mistake on 1.8
    Fast fixed :D

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    Send any error, bug or anything else to the discussion section or join to my discord server!
  2. 1.8 - Fixed bugs and mistakes

    I fixed some mistakes I did while reprogramming the plugin.

    Reload bug isn't fixed yet - At least for 1.14.4

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    Any bug, mistake, error or another think post it on the discussion section or enter into my discord server!
  3. 1.7 Bug fixes

    Many of the noticed bugs and errors have been solved

    !! - Reload command still don't work, atleast for me in 1.14.4 version

    If you see any other bug, error or you just want to suggest me something post it in the discussion section or join to my discord!

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  4. Optimized and Converted to Java

    Since I had some difficulties with Kotlin I decided to change from Kotlin to Java (another time) and while I was changing it I optimized it too :3

    If you see any bug please report it so I fix it as fast as possible.

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  5. Added update checker

    Added a Update checker every 30 minutes.

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  6. Fixed many little bugs

    In some cases permissions didn't work so I've fixed that
    Also, I fixed the config.yml file because of a little error didn't save properly the file
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  7. Little bug fix

    A very little update for fixing a single bug
  8. Java to Kotlin and Optimizations

    This update includes:
    - Plugin language changed from Java to Kotlin
    - Several optimizations
    - Bug fixes
    - Commands have been changed
  9. Added features

    Updated to 1.14
    Added /tempchangemotd (the new version of /changemotd)
    Added /permchangemotd (permanent version of /tempchangemotd)

    Fixed bugs
  10. MOTD Changer

    I've made a more user friendly messages, so easier to use.
    I didn't see any bug so if you find any remember to say me.