MOTD Manager 0.1.0

Make your server stand out. Before Login.

  1. RictAcius
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    WARNING! This plugin depends on the plugins "Vault" and "ProtocolLib", if you do not have Vault, please download it from here, if you do not have ProtocolLib please download it from here, and install them first!

    Please do not rate this plugin 1* if you find a bug, instead, report it from the Support section below.

    MOTD Manager is a simple, efficient and free way to make your server stand out to players BEFORE they have even joined. It's a good was to advertise the server, while still keeping its integrity.

    MOTD Manager (MOTD.M for short) allows you to not only modify your server's MOTD, but also it's icon, version, version message (the stuff that tells you your client is out of date when you try and log in), current player count, max player count, and server player list, all at the same time.

    • Modify MOTD Lines Separately
    • Display animations separately on each line. (Animations disabled while in BETA)
    • Modify Default MOTD while plugin is disabled (Experimental)
    • Modify current player count
    • Modify max player count.
    • Modify version message
    • Modify server player list
    • Change server icon to head of identified players
    • Change server icon to gif/image (GIFs disabled while in BETA)
    • Create player related variables, such as getName.
    • Create method invoking variables.
    1. Click on the download link, and select the version of the plugin you want.
    2. Place the plugin in your 'plugins' folder
    3. Restart your server
    4. Configure the files (or leave them if you like it like that :p)
    5. Reload the plugin with /motdm reload
    6. Enjoy!
    The plugin has one command: /motdmanager (alias: /motdm)
    To access this command you need the following permission:
    • motdmanager.admin
    Each MOTD has its own permission, the permission is determined by the name of the MOTD, for example:
    Code (Text):
       #This will cause a line to scroll if it's length is too long.
       scrollwhenoutofbounds: false
       #This determines whether the text will restart once all of the line has been viewed
       #TRUE = "56789 1234" FALSE = "56789     "
       scrollrestartonend: false
       #Speed is measured in ticks per character (TPS) - how long a character should be displayed.
       scrollspeed: 5
       #This determines if the text will flash at a specific delay
       strobe: true
       strobedelay: 40
       #This is the secondary text to display after the primary text
       strobetext: '&cNOW WITH &eSTROBE TEXT!'
       text: '&cMOTDManager v?plugingetVersion &f- &eChange this in config.yml'
       scrollwhenoutofbounds: true
       scrollrestartonend: false
       scrollspeed: 5
       strobe: false
       strobedelay: 20
       strobetext: ''
       text: '&6Download the plugin from %website% - Animations coming soon!'
    The MOTD above would require the permission:
    • motdmanager.motd.default
    So MOTDs are determined like so:
    • motdmanager.motd.<motd_name>
    The plugin uses a hierarchy system, so all players with the * permission would have access to everything, players with "motdmanager.*" would also have access to everything, players with the motdmanager.motd.* permission would have access to every MOTD.

    Please note: The plugin uses a hierarchy system, so as soon as the plugin identifies an MOTD the player has access to, it chooses it. If you want a try/catch-style system, put the MOTDs which require the highest authority first and keep going down till the default MOTD.


    Arguments in <...> are compulsory.
    Arguments in [...] are optional

    • /motdmanager reload - Reloads the config
    • /motdmanager dump - Created debug info that you can send to me.
    • /motdmanager show <motd> [group] - Display the current state of an MOTD and/or show if a group has access to it.
    To add your server to this list, visit the discord page by clicking the link in the support section below and requesting a review in the servers channel.
    • Exteria Games -
    Please do not report bugs/errors/glitches in the reviews section, instead please post your issue on the GitHub page via the link below.
    If you're a developer and want to make your own version of MOTD Manager, if you want to report a bug in MOTD Manager or if you just want to see how MOTDManager works, visit this link.
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