MOTD plus plus 1.3

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  1. Raymart
    Description :

    What can you do with ? :

    you may change MOTD at the config.yml you could use the minecraft color codes

    for the link just click this == CLICKME

    Why did I make this ? :

    I'm just trying to make a plugin with easy feautures
    however, if you can give me a donation I may Improve my resources ..

    You can still support me for downloading all of my resources instead

    Commands and Permissions :
    /motd check = motd.check || Checks the motd ( From the Config )
    /motd help = || Help about the plugin
    /motd reload = motd.reload || Reloads the plugin
    motd.* || Give this permission so they can use all of commands above

    Sample Config.yml : ( If you want to have more lines you need to use the v1.3 )

    MOTD: '&bWelcome to the server &4<player> &n &bSecond Line &n &bMore Line'

    Sample Commands (Screenshot):
    /motd check ( JUST CLICK THE LITTE PIC )
    motd check.png
    /motd reload
    motd reload.png
    /motd help
    motd help.png

    Make a donation :D ==
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheFroland
    Version: 1.0
    Great resource, and to let everyone know, use \n to make a new line
    1. Raymart
      Author's Response
      They can still use that but lemme put it on description thanks for reviewing
  2. AgentBeatzPH
    Version: 1.0
    Good, but any Screenshot(s)??
    1. Raymart
      Author's Response
      Ok fine :P