Motd - Spigot 1.1

Best plugin for server's motd.

  1. TomCatt_
    This plugin is for the motd of your Server.

    - Custom Message for Motd:D
    - Disable Message of Join/Quit player:p
    - Optimized;)
    - Configuration easy:)

    - PlayerCount:D

    - Join message for Player:p
    - Soport For Image of Motd:)
    - Leed your ideao_O

    - Motd - Bungee
    - /mreload - Command for reload the config
    - motd.staff - permissions for executor command

    Donation from Paypal: [email protected]
    My Twitter:
    My Skype: facebook.estiven.pineda773

    Plugin Motd.PNG PlayerCount.PNG

    Report Bugs Please
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