MOTD+Tablist 1.2

Easy simple MOTD and Tablist creator, very simple config

  1. Triston
    >>> Config <<<
    Code (Text):

    # use \n for next line and & for colors, use {PLAYER} for playername and {ONLINEPLAYERS} / {MAXPLAYERS}
    # You can't use the {PLAYER} placeholder in the motd and there's only 2 lines so if you put | it might bug
    # For the MOTD use | to go to the next line

    TablistHeader: '&b&lTablist created by RelaxedDev\n&cWelcome back {PLAYER}'
    TablistFooter: '&e&lPlayers: &6{ONLINEPLAYERS} / {MAXPLAYERS}\n&9This is a footer'

    MOTD: '&5Motd line 1 | &5Motd line 2 &6{ONLINEPLAYERS} / {MAXPLAYERS}'
    show-max-players-as: '{ONLINE+1}'

    # use this to show the number of prefixes you have for the tablist names

    number-of-prefixes: 3

    # For this, there's no placeholders

      permission: prefix.different
      prefix: "&c[&bPrefix&c]"
      prefix: "&c&l"
      prefix: "&a"
    # For this, it is crucial to have protocolLib
    fake-version: true

    fake-version-name: '&cYou can use colors here! &b{ONLINEPLAYERS} / {ONLINE+1}'

    hover-version: true

    - 'You can'
    - 'use multiple'
    - 'line and'
    - '&cCOLORS!!'
    Simple placeholders, {PLAYER}, {ONLINEPLAYERS}, {MAXPLAYERS} {ONLINE+1}

    >>> MOTD <<<

    >>> Tablist <<<

    >>> Max players on ping list! <<<

    For the config permission it is VERY important that you don't put letters or symbols for it will put {online}/0, but there is a cooler addition, having the max players as the online players + 1 with the new {ONLINE+1} placeholder, note the {ONLINE+1} placeholder is the only placeholder that works for the max player list
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    >>> Colored playerlist name <<<

    For this, it's very important that the highest permission level is set at #1 not the last one because if they have all permissions it will only give them the first prefix, if I did it anyway else it would glitch, with this it's pretty self explanatory in the configuration

    >>> Version modifying + HoverText <<<

    For this ability, it does take protocolLib to be installed, if it isn't the plugin will still work this section will just be disabled, this is under the fake version stuff in the config and can be changed to whatever you like, it does take all placeholders that the previous one had.

    >> Permissions!<<

    All permissions are set in config!


    Nothing unless asked for something to be added :D


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Recent Reviews

  1. Sidiju
    Version: 1.2
    if i try to do, that Admin have * but not the Founder Prefix it always remove all prefixes please fix
  2. theLuvrax
    Version: 1.2
    nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenice<3 i love you so much +#nohomo sssssssssssss
  3. Isaacey
    Version: 1.2
    Plugin works flawless, been looking all over spigot resources for this. Really neat.

    Could you possibly add suffix's and the permission for it please :)