MOTDEditor 1.12

MOTDEditor - The new era of MOTDs starts here, would you like to join us?

  1. ystrike099
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

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    — Why choose MOTDEditor? —
    Useful group system
    Awesome variables, such as %player% which returns a player's name!
    Easily use the %nl% variable to add text on the next line
    Set temporary motds!
    User-friendly setup.
    ... and much more!

    — Description —
    MOTDEditor gives you the ultimate features to edit your server-list MOTD with unlimited groups & messages, useful variables and much more! Show why players should join your server by adding a interesting server-list MOTD by MOTDEditor!

    — All features —
    - Unlimited groups and messages!
    - Useful variables.
    - Edit everything with in-game commands.
    - Version checker.
    - Very simple setup.
    - Temporary motd messages.
    - Fake max player count.
    - Move a certain message from a group to another.
    - Made with passion. You will feel like home when using this plugin.

    — Commands & Permissions —
    To be able to use all the admin related commands you must either have the permission motdeditor.admin or operator status. Other commands are permitted for everyone.

    <> = Required
    [] = Optional

    Notice: <id> should only be replaced with an Integer (number) as your message ID. To look up your message ID, view the list of all message IDs from a certain group using /motd list [group].

    Notice: New groups don't get automatically activated (used in the serverlist display)! To activate it after finish, use /motd activate [group].

    Tip: Never move certain messages between groups from save file! Use our in-game command for that: /motd move <from group> <to group> <id>.

    Tip: Never create groups for a temporary message! Use /motd temp <time in seconds> <motd message> for that!

    - /motd new <new group>
    Create new group.
    - /motd add <group> <new motd message>
    Add new MOTD message to group.
    - /motd remove <group> <id>
    Remove MOTD message from group.

    - /motd move <from group> <to group> <id>
    Move MOTD message to another group.
    - /motd deleteGroup <group>
    Delete group and all MOTD messages within.
    - /motd activate <group>
    Activate group (set group to serverlist display).
    - /motd list [group]
    View available groups or messages within.
    - /motd temp <time in seconds> <motd message>
    Set temporary motd message.
    - /motd setMaxPlayers <amount>
    Set fake maxplayers count to serverlist display.
    - /motd update
    Check for updates.
    - /motd reload
    Reload all files.

    — Setup —
    It's very simple to setup and make MOTDEditor work how you want it. The setup instructions below is one example method how you can setup the plugin.

    Do you know how to handle and setup MOTDEditor? We are searching someone who can make a tutorial how to setup and handle this plugin! Please let me know if you want the tutorial video added to this page if you have done one.

    Basic setup:

    1. All messages are stored per group that means you can store multiple messages that will be randomly shown from the activated group. But first create the group with the command /motd new <new group> example usage: /motd new MyGroup.

    2. Now, the group you created is created and ready to be stored with your motd messages. Simply add a new motd message with the command /motd add <group> <new motd message> example usage: /motd add MyGroup Hellooo world, this is the motd message.

    3 a. New groups always contains a default message. That means you may remove it or other messages you don't want in your group with the command /motd remove <group> <id> example usage: /motd remove MyGroup 1.
    Don't know the message ID? Continue to step 3 b.

    3 b. You can view all messages in the group and also see the motd message IDs for each motd message with the command /motd list <group> example usage: /motd list MyGroup.

    4. Now, the group is ready to be used and being used in the serverlist display. And yes, that's very simply, just use the command /motd activate <group> example usage: /motd activate MyGroup.

    — IP saving —

    MOTDEditor gives you some variables, one of these is the %player% variable which returns the player's name.

    When the player connect, MOTDEditor checks if the player's IP adress and username has been stored. If it doesn't, it will be saved in the users.yml file.

    But why do MOTDEditor need to save the players IP adresses and usernames?
    When the player pings the server from their server-list, his name must be displayed if the server is using the %player% variable, but since it impossible to get the player's username in a easy way; MOTDEditor must save their IP adress and username to later return the name based on their IP.

    Please note that MOTDEditor only saves the IP adress and username inside the server.

    — Variables —
    In your messages you can also add variables to get the player name or other cool things. More variables will come soon!

    - %player%
    Returns the player's name. Only works if the player have joined before and if their IP adress and username has been stored before.
    - %online%
    Returns the amount of online players on the server.
    - %nl%
    Creates a new line. All text behind this variable will be on the second line.

    — Suggestions or problems? —
    Having any new ideas or suggestions about the plugin? Or even problems using it? Please leave a comment.
    Otherwise please leave a 5/5 star comment, it really motivates me to continue developing plugins!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sixten
    Version: 1.12
    great and simple plugin. Im using it on CentryNetwork ( #NoADDSInHERE xd
    1. ystrike099
  2. xDoNutx97
    Version: 1.12
    It is a great plugin! I have been looking around for motd plugins and most seem not to work ex. Sexy MOTD or Animated MOTD. Works with 1.8! My suggestions would be if you could add where it displays a different message every time you update/refresh the server list, Other than that it is a great plugin and would recommand
    1. ystrike099
      Author's Response
      That feature already exist. If you want multiple messages in one activated group, just enter /motd add <group> <your new motd message> and it will be added. Once a player refresh the serverlist, a random message will be shown :)
  3. Beastsyndicate
    Version: 1.0
    a very good plugin and simple, the onley bad part is the server icon, why not add so we can 1. upload the piture to the server and done or we write the link to it in the config at done
    1. ystrike099
      Author's Response
      MOTDEditor is not really created to manage server icons, just the message. But I may try to add the feature in later updates. Right now I'm trying to get the main feature to be as best as possible. But thanks for your review :)
  4. MrIggyman1234
    Version: 1.0
    Very good and easy to use!
    1. ystrike099