MOTDPlus 1.5

Want to customize your MOTD to the maximum?

  1. Greenn
    MOTD+ - By Green

    • Use the second line in your MOTD without hassle
    • Show the amount of players online
    • Show the players username
    Code (Text):
    # MOTD+ By Green v1.0

    # Holders:
    # %newline% - Drops down to the second line of your MOTD.
    # %player% - Replaces this with the players in-game name.
    # %onlineplayers% - Replaces this with the players online.
    # %maxplayers% - Replace this with the maximum players.
    # %servername% - Replaces this with the server name in "Server.Options"

    MOTD: '&6ExampleExample'

    Thanks for downloading! Please leave a review with any questions!


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Recent Reviews

  1. UseiePoosie
    Version: 1.3
    Works exactly as intended, easy to configure and hasn't broken on me yet. Fantastic job Greenn, keep up the good work!
    1. Greenn
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)
  2. OPIA
    Version: 1.2
    Fantastic, one of the best easy to use plugins I've found. I would I highly recommend this to anyone. Keep those fancy updates coming :3

    Small bug with the command '/Cmotd reload'
    here's what happens:

    Minor suggestion is to add multiple motd, so that when players hit refresh in the server list a different motd shows up thanks :D
    1. Greenn
      Author's Response
      Didn't see this reply! I will work and solve this bug ASAP :)
  3. OPIA
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin does not load due to having "invalid characters" which is the "+" in the name I'm assuming, could you please update it and fix the issue and I shall bump that 1 star up to a 5. Thanks :D
    1. Greenn
      Author's Response
      Fixed! Please rate it good now ;c!