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    1. Download the JAR file
    2. Drag the JAR file into the plugins folder
    3. Start the server
    4. Enjoy!

    Explanation of the system
    When you download the plugin, you will find that the system of acquiring enchants and applying them is very unique and can be challenging to understand the fundamentals at first.

    The system revolves around the idea of arcane energy, every enchant has a certain arcane energy (which can be likened to rarity) and every armor piece and tool has a certain arcane capacity. Once the quota of arcane capacity is reached, no more custom enchantments can be applied to the item.

    Players must first acquire a blank papyrus, this can be done through setting up a sale sign that runs the command /mbe giveitem blankpapyrus. Due to the use of commands to give players the item, certain items and scrolls can be additionally acquired through a server store.

    Once a player has a blank papyrus, they must enchant it using xp at a regular enchanting table. When enchanting blank papyrus, players can either get an Arcane Energy Scroll or a Power Word Scroll (explained later).

    Arcane Energy Scrolls can be applied by drag+dropping to another blank papyrus, doing so creates an Enchantment Book.

    Enchantment books also have arcane energy stored in them, and the amount of arcane energy determines what enchant will result from opening the Enchantment Book. The enchant gained after opening an enchantment book will always be the same as long as the enchantment book has the same arcane energy. To be more specific, the enchant resulting from opening an enchantment book will be the enchant with the closest arcane energy to that of the enchantment book's.

    Enchantment 1: Arcane Energy: 40
    Enchantment 2: Arcane Energy: 65
    Enchantment 3: Arcane Energy: 100

    Enchantment Book: Arcane Energy: 70

    The enchantment that results from opening the enchantment book will always be the enchantment with the closest arcane energy to 70 (Enchantment 2).

    Power Word Scrolls are very unique scrolls that can have a massive effect on the outcome of the opening on an enchantment. Power Word Scrolls always contain Power Words such as: Wind, Water, Health or Defense. Every enchantment also has it's own set of power words. When opening a book, all enchantments that do not contain all of the power words contained in the enchant book will be discarded from the list of possible enchants.

    Enchantment 1: Arcane Energy: 40, Power Words: Wind, Water
    Enchantment 2: Arcane Energy: 65, Power Words: Health, Defence
    Enchantment 3: Arcane Energy: 100, Power Words: Damage, Poison

    Enchantment Book: Arcane Energy: 70, Power Words: Damage

    As you can see, the enchant with the closest arcane energy to the book is still Enchantment 2, BUT it does not contain the power word Damage, which the enchantment book does indeed possess. The closest enchantment on the list to 70 arcane energy that contains the Damage power word is Enchantment 3, and thus, that is the enchantment that results from opening the book!

    After you have an enchantment book, you will find that there are three different aspects to it:

    Arcane Energy
    Success Chance
    Destroy Chance

    Arcane energy is the amount of energy that will be added to the armor piece, and if the arcane capacity of the armor is not enough to add the enchantment, the enchantment will not be applied. The success chance is the chance (out of 100) that the enchantment will succeed and be applied to the item. The destroy chance is the chance that the item will be destroyed if the enchantment does not apply.

    That is pretty much all you need to know to get started! There are a few other scrolls that I will include in this section if you wish for them to be a part of your server.

    Arcane Overload Scroll: Permanent increases the arcane capacity of an item
    Arcane Scramble Scroll: Rerolls the success and destroy chance of an enchantment book
    Protection Scroll: Protects the item from being destroyed due to a failed enchantment, but is removed after such an event

    Installing / Deleting an enchantment
    You can easily install or delete an enchantment at any time by going into the jar file and navigating to: io.github.moulberry.customenchants.enchLibrary and deleting the enchantment files. You must then navigate to the config.yml file inside the plugin folder (NOT THE JAR) and remove the enchantment from the list.

    The same thing is done in vice-versa when installing an enchantment. Drop the required class files into the correct spot in the JAR (io.github.moulberry.customenchants.enchLibrary) and remember to add the name of the enchantment to the list in config.yml in the plugin folder (NOT THE JAR).


    /mbe, /customenchant, /customenchants.

    To look at a GUI list for all the enchantments use /mbe list.
    To acquire a scroll or enchanted papyrus, use /mbe giveitem [itemname]

    There are currently no permissions required to apply or use enchantments but there are some for the commands:

    moulberrysenchanting.list (for /mbe list)
    moulberrysenchanting.giveitem (for /mbe giveitem)

    If you wish to contact me about anything, you can PM me on spigot or add my skype: jamesisakid.gaming (preferred).

    Good luck
    I wish you the best of luck with your server and hope you have a nice day,


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