MountsPlus 1.0

Allows each player to have one customization horse mount!

  1. jupdyke01
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12


    It allow's every player to get a horse mount that is customizable.
    They can alter the name of the mount, the horse type, the horse color, the horse armor. They can also use the gui to upgrade the horse's speed and jump strength with money. They can use the gui to get a saddle that when right-clicked it will spawn in the mount.

    • Very understandable GUI​
    • Only one command​
    • Completely customizable horse mount​
    • Lag free entity spawning​
    • Removes all mount entities when they are dismounted​
    • Combat tagging feature to avoid people running away on mounts​
    • Configurable jump and speed modifiers​
    • Configurable costs for jump and speed modifiers​
    • Configurable cooldwon time​
    • Vault implementation​
    • Custom maximum speed and jump modifiers​

    Top Left: Edit Mount's Name
    Top Middle: Upgrade Mount's Name
    Top Right: Change Mount's Type
    Bottom Left: Change Mount's Color
    Bottom Middle: Mount Spawn Item
    Bottom Right: Change Mount's Armor


    /mount - Allows player's to customize there amount


    - mountsplus.mount
    GUI - Style:

    GUI - Colors:
    - mountsplus.color.brown
    - mountsplus.color.chestnut
    - mountsplus.color.creamy
    - mountsplus.color.darkbrown
    - mountsplus.color.gray
    - mountsplus.color.white

    GUI - Armor:
    - mountsplus.armor.iron
    - mountsplus.armor.diamond

Recent Reviews

  1. Noobcrafteryt
    Version: 1.0
    Would be 100% if you could set a price to buy a mount... I guess the only work around would be NPC command paying to take the money, give the command and then boom.
  2. NevendyND
    Version: 1.0
    I would wish that we could change the name in the GUI menu but otherwise a super plugin