Movecraft-Combat 1.5.4

Movecraft Combat Addon

  1. Final legacy release

    This is the final legacy release of Movecraft-Combat which brings some awesome features!
    - TNT Translocation in 1.11+! This optional feature brings back the classic translocation mechanism from 1.10 into 1.11+ servers (only for TNT)! See the new default config for the option.
    - Cannon Directors now normalize TNT horizontal velocities properly (aka ignore vertical velocity), thanks @drfiveminusmint!
    - Cannon Directors now properly converge on blocks past 120 meters from the player,...
  2. Minor performance update and Movecraft-WorldGuard

    This update brings some minor (or major depending on how badly it affected your server) performance fixes along with support for Movecraft-WorldGuard.
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  3. Minor bug patch

    v1.3 brings a patch to the errors caused by /movecraft reloadtypes. This update will require APDevTeam beta 8+ and Eirik's fork beta 37+.
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  4. Minor updates

    This update brings a few minor updates and migrations from Movecraft (please use beta 7+ with this version!).
    - Fireball penetration & "the AA bug" have been migrated & patched. Thanks @drfiveminusmint!
    - Director "theft" no longer exists for TNT tracking crafts. Thanks @HumorousFool!
    - Various NPEs in tracking have been patched.
    - The API has been expanded to allow custom DamageTypes to be registered to the DamageManager and killfeed. The first plugin to utilize...
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  5. Small bugfixes and large performance fixes

    v1.1 of MCC is here! This release brings some small bugfixes and major performance improvements to fireball & TNT tracking.
    • Anti-Radar now functions near crafts rather than only within their bounding boxes. This feature is still in beta.
    • Tracer code is now more efficient and will have a smaller performance impact on the server side (specifically for large playerbase servers).
    • Director code is now more efficient and will have a smaller performance impact on the server side....
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  6. Bugfix

    This includes a small patch for a possible bug with explosions in protected regions.
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  7. v1.0.0

    After a few weeks of testing on Airship Pirates, this plugin is now considered stable enough for release! Packaged with is a snapshot of Movecraft for <1.13 that supports MCC, but the next beta release will have full support.

    In addition, this update includes a feature to configure tracers per player using /tracermode and /tracersetting. It also includes a feature to nullify the advantages of player radar.
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  8. Stable-ish

    This pre-release is almost stable enough to be called v1.0.0, but I want to leave it sit for a few more weeks on beta testing.


    • Directors now work "properly" (or atleast as much as they ever have)
    • Projectile tracking now works within 3 blocks of a craft rather than within the hitbox
    • Torpedo tracking is now implemented
    • WG support is now added to status tracking, and will ignore combat releases if the player is within a "protected region" (one which has TNT...