Movecraft 7.0.0

Design, construct, battle, and conquer using crafts composed of Minecraft blocks

  1. Movecraft 7.0.0 official

    It's finally here! Movecraft 7.0.0 is finally officially released. After almost 10 months of testing on the Airship Pirates server, we finally feel that 7.0.0 has exceeded the functionality of 6.0 in all respects.

    In addition to the very long list of changes from 6.0, this update brings the following updates from beta 9:

    • Towny integration has been moved to the Movecraft-Towny plugin.
    • WorldGuard integration...
  2. Beta 9

    Beta 9 brings back moving redstone (for 1.10.2) along with some small features and addons!
    1. Moving redstone now works properly on crafts, with reduced lag from moving tile entites.
    2. Craft types will now display an error instead of causing movecraft to crash on malformed yaml.
    3. Movecraft-Repair addon moves the WorldEdit dependency out of Movecraft. The WorldGuard soft dependency is still in the plugin but...
  3. Beta 8 - Movecraft-Warfare & Gearshifts

    Beta 8 bring some small incremental updates to better support addons, and two major changes:
    1. The Siege and Assault features have been moved to the Movecraft-Warfare addon. Currently the Movecraft-Warfare addon is feature equal to those removed from Movecraft, but in the near future we are planning on greatly expanding the feature set as used on the Airship Pirates server. In addition, we will be rolling...
  4. Beta 7

    Hello everyone! Long time since we've done a release but it's a bit overdue.

    Beta 7 brings major changes to the Movecraft Ecosystem. We have the first two of many coming Addon plugins to help reduce the code complexity of Movecraft and simplify quick version updates. These two addons are Movecraft-Combat and Movecraft-Cannons, which remove some features from the core...
  5. Movecraft 7 beta 5

  6. Movecraft 7 beta 4

    • Hopefully fix an issue loading the plugin with some 1.12 paper servers
    • Fixed some detection logic errors (thanks eirik)
    • Fixed subcraft signs (thanks eirik)
    • Fixed cruiseOnPilot crafts (thanks eirik)
    • Fixed formatting codes on name signs not resting the rest of informational messages (thanks tyler)
    • Added a time readout to /craftreport (thanks tyler)
    • Improve teleportation when rotating crafts
    • Fixed a logic in FadeWrecksAfter (thanks tyler)
    • Added vertCruiseSpeed...
  7. Movecraft 7 beta 3 (HOTFIX)

    (Fixes an issue with sinking in the last release)

    In this update there are a few new features as well as performance improvements. Most noticeably, gravity based crafts and crafts that use the phase block feature should experience much better performance (all crafts should perform better, but these ones especially so)
    Special thanks to eirikh1996, Pulverizer, and tylers1066!

    Fix a logic error in collision explosions
    Change contact explosion collision primer to be configurable via...
  8. Movecraft 7 beta 2

    Special thanks to eirikh1996!
    • Misc refactors
    • fix ClassCastException from floats in craft type files
    • Cache movement cooldowns to improve performance
    • improve performance for crafts using phase blocks
    • Various performance improvements
    • Fix teleportation when rotating to the left
    • Re-add canHoverOverWater flag in crafts
    • Fix formatting codes on signs being removed during repair
    • Fix counting dispensers as double slabs in repair
    • Fix underwater torpedoes not being...
  9. Reupload to fix spigot

    For some reason, spigot didn't upload the jar to the main page, so here it is again. If you have a jar with the number 6 in it's name, be sure to re-download!
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  10. Movecraft 7 beta 1, The return

    So before I get into anything, I want to clearly state this: This version of Movecraft only supports 1.10.2-1.12.2. You’re probably thinking, it’s been two years, and this plugin only supports 1.12.2? Well, unfortunately, yes, it has been two years and we’re still only supporting an outdated version of minecraft. That being said, work for 1.13/1.14 is already underway, so rest assured it will come soon.
    After the old maintainer (Baccayarro), left,...