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Skript, Promoting, Demoting

  1. New Feature

    The skript had a small change and recode for the commands, now that is done we added a feature if opening the skript and if you're confirm-gui: is false set it to true to use a confirming gui. Its set to true by default.

    This new feature may be unstable

    we have separated the title part to a separate command that gets executed within the command if the player gets promoted or demoted, the messages are still configurable :) i didn't leave that out at all since i know they're is a lot that like more configuration than being limited

    --Features that are in testing right now--
    Timed promotion/demotion <--- This is a timed one that will be a separate command with configurable timings and command this will add them to a timed list that gets triggered every 60 seconds as 1 minute isn't long within minecraft it self. and it will subtract 1 from the time then when it reaches Zero it will auto demote the player to default rank that you're server has. Unless we have it set that you have to put the rank that they are then the new rank with the timing something like /tpromote [<player>] [<oldgroup>] [<newgroup>] [<timer>].
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