MoveMeNow 1.2-17

Move player on kick

  1. roblabla
    Source : GitHub
    License : MIT
    Dependency : Yamler None !

    This is a very simple plugin that will move a player whenever he gets kicked, depending on a whitelist or blacklist.
    Configuration :
    Code (Text):
    mode: blacklist
    servername: lobby
    - ban
    - kick
    message: "%kickmsg%"
    mode can either be blacklist or whitelist. In blacklist mode, player will always be moved to default server unless his kick message contains one of the words/phrases in list. In whitelist mode, he will always be kicked unless his kick message contains one of the phrases in list. servername is the name of the server to kick to.

    message is the message sent to the player when he switches server. It can be spanned over multiple lines using the following syntax :
    Code (Text):

    message: |
      "This is the first line"
      "This is the third line"
    %kickmsg% will be replaced with the actual message as sent by the server.

    Donations :
    Good plugins requires caffeine : [​IMG]
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  1. 1.2-17 reupload
  2. No more CI
  3. Moved to jenkins

Recent Reviews

  1. eZ_KrieG3R
    Version: 1.2-17
    Not much to say, it just works! :D
    There's one thing I'd like to see: The option to more servers so when the first one is down, it'll use the second one in the list. Other than that - <3
  2. theplacer
    Version: 1.2-17
    Great plugin! It works perfectly with no issues. It sends all of the players to the hub when a server restarts and I love it
  3. therbz
    Version: 1.2-17
    I've used this for years and it's absolutely perfect. I only use Bungeecord for the ability to have a fallback server and this plugin JUST WORKS. All you need are two small ~1GB servers, well worth it for the less-intrusive server restarts. Get it!
  4. OldPast
    Version: 1.2-17
    Gooooooooooooooooooood Plugin! Please add an option for multiple FallBack servers. =D
  5. ISP4
    Version: 1.2-17
    doesn't work don't use it ******************************************************************************************************************************************************
  6. Phooo
    Version: 1.2-17
    hey its loosk liek an awesome plugin do i put it in bungee or the other servers...
  7. Mudminder
    Version: 1.2-17
    Simple Resource Love It!! Keep it updated my good man. For the simple users who dont know how to have the fallback servers work. This plugin is for those who want a simple way that there players fallback to a lobby or other server. And its the best.
  8. Marian666
    Version: 1.2-17
    How can I setup when I close a server all player to be teleported to lobby server?
  9. Tyuop
    Version: 1.2-17
  10. EsserGaming
    Version: 1.2-17
    I'd bet it would be a good plugin if I could even download it... I have a bungee server that is in need of this, please fix this soon!