MoxAntiBot - Protection against proxied attacks/bots + configurable website [Supports redis!] 2018-07-11

Extremly efficient antibot & antimasslog & connection managment plugin! Supports redis!

  1. Msql
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    • Is your server attacked by bots?
    • Does other antibot plugins block also normal players from joining to the server, throwing errors and usually do not work at all?
    • Do you want really efficient connection managment plugin that will protect your minecraft servers from proxied-type attacks?
    This plugin may be perfect for your server.
    With this plugin your minecraft server will be safe from proxied attacks. Also, you will be able to disconnect players and bots just by one command and block them forever if they are making problems through all your minecraft network!
    This plugin has many nessesary features. Code is clear and simple to make protection work as good as it is possible.
    This plugin is created for Bungeecord.
    All connection managment and protection things are separated from your main server ticks. If you do not have Bungeecord and you have bigger and official server, you should install it with this plugin! Instalation is really simple and gives you possibility to have other servers on one IP! Also, you will not have to update this plugin with minecraft version update. It supports any version that bungeecord supports, so this option is really comfortable!
    This plugin will not be abandoned.
    We have created it for our big minecraft network and we will always keep updates up because we are creating this plugin also for ourself! We also know that pain of being attacked by people who want to destroy our great work.

    Donation wall:

    If you want be on this list, send donate.
    We will promote your server here or whatever you will want!
    Donations are giving us motivation to add new things into our plugins because by that we know that someone appreciates our work!
    Also we are adding and developing our stuff for free, so dontaions are, for us, very nice gift from you :p!
    If you want donate us, please give information in donation in which plugin you want to be added to the donation wall.

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    AntiBot - protection from proxied attacks.
    This plugin is scanning IP address that want to connect to your server using external network blacklists. This type calculation will not affect your server. You can also define your own URLs and detect own configured content but you do not have to do it. Default configuration is good enough to find out all proxied connectons!
    Antimasslog - protection from massive bot/player logins in one moment.
    If you are getting attacked by bots that are logging from just one IP address with many accounts, this feature will help you. It limits connected players with same IP address. You can also limit players from using multi-accounts using this tool.
    Allowing normal players with proxied IPs to play.
    If you were trying other antibot plugins you should notice that around 10-20% your players are having problems with joining to your server after plugin installation because of false positives (some players are using proxy through their internet deliver). With this plugin players will have ability to add themself to whitelist without entering anything like their IP address or nicknames. They have just to check the checkbox on the site and the google script will scan them. This whitelist has also purger that will clear old added proxied IPs to make your server safe as much as it is possible. We are adding simple site with all nessesary scripts to this plugin so you do not have create your own! To make this feature working correctly you need to have MySQL database on and configured in configuration.
    Bans, IP-Bans, Kicks through your network using command.
    If you have bigger network with more than one server this is great tool for you. You can block players, IPs through all your servers and lobbies. You do not have to ban or unban player on all your lobbies. With this tool you will have just to execute one command to instantly disconnect player or players with blocked IP's and block them from your network! To make this feature working correctly you need to have MySQL database on and configured.
    RedisBungeecord plugin support.
    If you have big minecraft network with more than one Bungeecord connected with RedisBungeecord plugin, this plugin will support it! Banning, kicking player or IP will search and disconnect player/s through all your bungeecord servers! Also plugin with redisbungee support will collect players/IPs corectly in antimasslog protection!
    Turn on&off protection whenever you want.
    You can turn on and turn off protection using command. Also, you can configure if you want to enable protection on Bungeecord start.
    Check if IP is proxy or not using command.
    Using simple command you can check if given IP address is proxy or not.
    Whitelisted proxy IPs purger.
    You can allow players add them to whitelist after, for example, scan on URL, but having all this proxy IPs whitelisted all the time is risky because some players may whitelist some proxy IPs and with on going time, whitelisted proxy ips amount may become big and some bots that will use this addresses will go through protection. Due to that we have created purger that you can customize in config.yml. You can enable or disable this feature and you can set how many days new whitelisted address may be in the database. You can also launch purger using command!

    Code (YAML):
    #Prefix, that will be displayed in outputs
    : "&f[&9&lMox&b&lAntiBot&f] "

    #MySQL database configuration where will be stored all whitelisted IP addresses.
    #If it will be turned off, whitelisting normal players with blocked IP will be not possible!
    #Create or define database in MySQL, plugin will only create a table if it not exists.
    : false
    : "localhost"
    : "3306"
    : "user"
    : "password"
    : "MoxAntiBot"
    : "AntiBotWhitelist"
    : "ip"
    : "date"
    : "BlockedNicks"
    : "nick"
    : "date"
    : "reason"
    : "BlockedIPs"
    : "ip"
    : "date"
    : "reason"
    #You should set it to true if you are using RedisBungee plugin (multi bungeecord).
    #It enables feature to find players through redis and, for example, disconnect them when they are getting blocked.
    #Also, AntiMasslog will count connected IP from all bungees, not only from proxy where plugin is installed.
    : false

    #Message when player will be forcibly disconnected from the server.
    #Only displayed if custom message is not set
    : "&cYou have been forcibly disconnected from the server."
     #Do you want to enable punishment commands for your proxy? MySQL enabled required!
      #It will add /ban and /ban-ip. If player or IP will be banned, it will never connect through proxy to your minecraft server.
    : false
      #Message of disconnect that will see player with blocked IP.
    : "&cYour IP is blocked. Reason: %reason%"
      #Message of disconnect that will see player with blocked nickname.
    : "&cYour nick is blocked. Reason: %reason%"
      #Default reason. It will be shown when reason in command will not be set.
    : "Administration of this server decided to not let you play here."
     #Do you want to set amount limit of same ip logged to your proxy?
      #Note that if attacker will find IP that is not blocked by filters, this option will not allow bots join at all to your server!
    : true
      #How big do you want to be the amount limit of same ip logged to your proxy?
    : 3
      #Message that will be displayed when player will try to join when there is too many connected IPs same as his.
    : "&cThere is too many players connected with your IP address. Try again later or contact server staff."
    #Here you can set up your antibot protection.
     #This option is giving posibility to delete whitelisted IP's after some time.
      #If you want to use website captcha if real player will be detected, enable it.
      #Blacklisted player will have to authorize his blacklisted IP every some time.
      #It can be unsafe to let this globally banned IPs be whitelisted forever.
    : false
    : 14
      #Do you want to enable protection on plugin start?
      #If it will be false, you will have to enable it manually using command /moxab on.
      #Also, after config reload, protection will be disabled or enabled depend on this value
    : true
      #API URLs that will be asked for trust content with connecting ip.
      #Use only this trusted ones, because a lot of sites are blocking normal network delievers due to reports!
    : ""
    : ""
    : ""
      #The detect content. Plugin will search for this words in return data.
      #If return will CONTAIN (not equal) this string, connection will be dropped on pre-login stage.
      #Use same special ID to match URL (black-lists) with return (detect-content).
    : "Y"
    : "<spam>true</spam>"
    : "yes"
      #Message that will be displayed when proxy will be detected and player's IP will not be whitelisted
      #You can place there your link to website antibot whitelist page.
    : "Your IP address is on global black list. If you are normal player, then you should ask server staff for whitelisting your IP!"


    Base installation:
    0. Install Bungeecord.
    1. Put plugin in plugins folder of Bungeecord.
    2. Run server to generate configuration.
    3. Configure plugin according to your own plan.
    Turning on bans, kicks and purger:
    1. Turn on MySQL and setup MySQL configuration.
    2. Configure punishments and purger selections.
    Adding automatic URL whitelist add for players (require MySQL enabled):
    1. Upload folder "antibot" from downloaded package to your www server.
    2. Configure MySQL connection data with same setup that is already in plugin.
    3. Put URL to whitelist add in disconnect messages in config.yml, your website or wherever you want.


    To have possibility to execute this commands in game, you need this permission added in Bungeecord: moxantibot.admin
    • /moxab reload - reloads plugin configuration.
    • /moxab add/remove <ip> - Adds/removes IP to/from whitelist.
    • /moxab check <ip> - Check if IP is blocked or not by protection.
    • /moxab ban <nick> [reason] - Blocks player's nickname.
    • /moxab unban <nick> - Unblocks player's nickname.
    • /moxab banip <ip> [reason] - Blocks ip address.
    • /moxab unbanip <ip> - Unblocks ip address.
    • /moxab purge - Purges old whitelisted addresses.
    • /moxab kick <nick> [reason] - Disconnects player from server.
    • /moxab kickip <ip> [reason] - Disconnects players with IP <ip> from server.
    • /moxab on/off - Turns on/off bot proxy filter.
    • /moxab check <ip> - Checks if IP is blocked or not by protection.:

    If you have problems with this resource, please - send private message on spigot. We will reply as fast as it is possible to help you.
    Also, if you have found bug, please - give us detailed info and we will fix it almost instantly!
    We are open for your propositions. Just PM us and type what do you want in this plugin. If it will be good, we will add it!

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