MSClubKeno v1.0.1

The popular gambling game Keno comes to minecraft!

  1. LGCMcLovin
    This plugin brings the popular gambling game Keno into minecraft. It also happens to be my first publicly released plugin!

    - Purchase multiple tickets for the same drawing

    - Tickets can be purchased for multiple drawings

    - LiveResults, view drawing results as they are drawn!

    - Check tickets with matched numbers displayed!

    - Multiplier 1-5 per drawing

    - /keno buy {DrawAmt} {NumbersAmt} {bet} {multiplier(true/false)}

    Description: Buys a new ticket


    /keno buy 1 1 1 true (buys ticket for 1 drawing, 1 number, for $1/draw with multiplier (adds bet x DrawAmt to ticket cost) )

    /keno buy 3 5 100 false (buys ticket for 3 drawings, 5 numbers, for $100/draw without multiplier)

    /keno buy 4 10 1000 true (buys ticket for 4 drawings, 10 numbers, for $100 bet with multiplier(adds bet x DrawAmt to ticket cost)

    - /keno mytickets

    Description: Displays Players currently active tickets (stores tickets for 5 drawings after tickets last drawing has ended)

    - /keno results {TicketID} {DrawID}

    Description: Displays Drawing results gui with Matched numbers highlited as diamonds, unmatched drawing results are represented by Emeralds, and numbers that were not drawn are represented by redstone.

    -/keno LiveResults

    Description: Displays LiveResults view that updates with drawing results while you are viewing.

    - There currently aren't any. (will be added soon)

    last-ticket: ID of last ticket purchased.

    current-draw: ID of current drawing.

    default-interval: Time between drawings in seconds.

    Vault v1.4.1+

    Known Issues
    - NPE on buy command if command is not entered properly (Will be fixed soon, not a major issue)

    Want to see this plugin in action?
    Here is a list of servers currently using this plugin!

    - MilSpec Bteam: - MilSpec Tekkit Legends: - MilSpec Pixelmon:

    If you would like me to add your server to this list, please contact me with Server Name, IP, and Website.

    - Make plugin prefix configureable

    - edit drawing start announcement

    - add permissions

    - fix NPE error when incorrectly entering buy command

    - your suggestions

    Have a Suggestion?
    Please feel free to submit a ticket here, (please include MSClubKeno in subject)


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Recent Updates

  1. Clickable chat text to commands added