MTaser - Fully Configurable 1.14x - 1.16x 1.0

RolePlay, Utils, Gun, Taser

  1. Moscky
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    | Fully Configurable 1.14x - 1.16x |
    • Messages Fully Configurable
    • Taser item Fully Configurable (Name, CustomModelData, Material)
    • Taser Effect Configurable (CountDown, NoWalk Time, NoJump Time)
    • /mtaser give <Player> - Give Taser a Player
    • /mtaser checkupdate - Check for new updates
    • /mtaser about - Plugin Information
    Code (Text):
    #Configuration File#
    #MTaser - Config File#

      material: BLAZE_ROD # Item Material
      name: "&7Taser" #Item Name
      custom-model-data: 1 #if you have textures with custom model data
      enchanted: true #Item Enchanted
      enchant: LUCK #Item enchant
      hide-attributes: true #Attack or Defend Attrubutes Hidden (if you use swords)
      countdown: 1 #Seconds of waiting to use the taser

      permission: "MTaser.Give" #Permissions

      block-walk-time: 1 #Seconds
      blindness: 6 #Seconds
      disable-jump: 3 #Seconds

      prefix: "&a&lM&6&lTaser &8ยป" # Messages Prefix
      no-permissions: "&cYou don't have the necessary permissions to run this command" #No permissions
      countdown: "&cYou have to wait before using the Taser" #CountDown Taser
      givved: "&cYou gave &7%p% &ca taser"#Placeholder %p% - Target Player Name
      givved-to-player: "&cYou got a taser from &7%p%"#Placeholder %p% - Givved by Player Name
      error-give-to-player: "&7%p% &cis offline"#PlaceHolder %p% - Target Player Name
      inventory-full: "&7%p% &chas full inventory!"#Placeholder %p% - Target Player Name
      give-error-format: "&cyou have to do &7/mtaser give &8<player>"
      update-notfound: "&aThere is not a new update available"
      update-found: "&cA new update is available &l%ver%" #Placeholder %ver%
      tasered-player: "&cYou tasered &c%t%"#Placeholder %t% - Tasered Player Name
      tasered-title: "&eB&6z&ez&6z" #Tasered Player Title
      tasered-subtitle: "&cYou are &lTasered" # Tasered Player SubTitle