MTTT Addon >>> BungeeCord Mapchange 1.2

Add a Map Change to your TTT game

  1. Schwalboss
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    You need the main Game (Minecraft TTT)! Download it here

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    Minecraft TTT Addon by Schwalboss (MeLays)
    This Addon allows you to switch the Arena after every game. It is perfect for Bungeecord Servers where 1 Game is on 1 Server.


    This Plugin only works with Spigot and NOT with CraftBukkit
    1. Install the Minecraft TTT Plugin and Setup the Arenas (1 Arena per Map) (Autojoin has to be disabled)
    2. Put the .jar File in the "plugins" Folder
    3. Restart your Server
    4. The Plugin will automatically add all Arenas from the TTT Plugin to its own Configuration (When you add/remove an Arena in the main Plugin you have to remove/add it in the config.yml of this Plugin)


    • Mapchange after a configurable amount of games

    Known Bugs/Issues:
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    Fixed Bugs/Issues:
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Recent Reviews

  1. EnderCraftServer
    Version: Version 1.2
    Coole Erweiterung für dein TTT Plugin. Wäre es noch möglich in der Konfiguration auch einfach nur einen random Map Change einzustellen? Also komplett ohne Voting? :)
    LG Kev
    1. Schwalboss
      Author's Response
      Gehe auf die Version-History und lade die 1.1 runter :D Die hat noch kein Voting