MultiChest | 3 Types of chest | Fully customizable | Ecomony Addon | ShopGuiPlus support 1.9

Mob chest | Autosell chest | Chunk chest | ShopGuiPlus support

  1. hassan7000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    What is MultiChest?
    You have 3 types a chest that do special things and makes your life easier and this plugin is really good for skyblock.

    Chunk chest - This chest will pick up all items in a chunk and will place the drops inside the chest

    Autosell - This chest will sell all items in a chunk making it easier for grinders.

    Mob chest - This chest will kill mobs inside the chunk and the drops will be placed inside the chest. This does support custom drops.


    Mob chest:

    Chunk Chest:

    AutoSell Chest:

    • Everything configurable
    • Good as a donator perk
    • Dependent on vault
    /multichest give {player} {type} {amount} #Allows you to give multichests
    /multichest reload #Reloads the config file

    1. Wildstacker
    2. UltimateStacker

    multichest.give - Allows you to use the give command
    multichest.reload - Allows you to use the reload

    Config file:
    Code (Text):
    PREFIX: '&8(&b&lMultiChest&8) '
    BLOCK_PLACE: '&7You have placed a &b{type} &7chest'
    BLOCK_BREAK: '&7You have broken a &b{type} &7chest'
    SELL_MESSAGE: '&7Your &bAutoSell(s) &7chests have sold items for &a${amount}'
    NO_PERMISSION: '&cYou dont have enough permission to do this'
    PLAYER_NOT_ONLINE: '&cThat player is not online'
    CHEST_TYPE_DOES_NOT_EXIST: '&cThat chest type does not exist'
    SENDER_GIVE_MESSAGE: '&7You have given a &b{type} &7chest to &b{target}'
    TARGET_GIVE_MESSAGE: '&7You have received a &b{type} &7chest'
    AUTOSELL_TOGGLE_ON: '&7You have &aEnabled &7the selltimer'
    AUTOSELL_TOGGLE_OFF: '&7You have &cDisbled &7the selltimer'
    - '&b/MultiChest give (player) (type) (amount) &7- give a player a mutlichest'
    - '&b/MultiChest reload &7- reloads a config file'

    # Material : Item data : Price the list goes like that make sure to have no spaces
    - 'STONE:0:8.1'
    - 'GRASS:0:2.2'
    - 'DIRT:0:1.5'
    - 'COBBLESTONE:0:7.7'
    - 'INK_SACK:4:10.2' #This will make lapis be sold

    SellMessageTimer: 25 #This is in seconds
    SellMessageEnabled: true
       Name: '&b&lAuto&f&lSell &7(Place down)'
       - '&7This chest will sell all items'
       - '&7in the placed chunk'
       PriceList: #You can only enable one pricelist
         DefaultList: true
         Essentiels: false
         ShopGuiPlus: false
       Timer: 5 #This timer is in seconds.
       Hologram: '&b&lAutoSell &f&lChest' #The hologram text above the chest
       Name: '&b&lChunk&f&lChest &7(Place down)'
       - '&7This chest will collect all items'
       - '&7in the placed chunk and the items'
       - '&7will go into the chest'
       Timer: 2
       Hologram: '&b&lChunk &f&lChest'
       Name: '&b&lMob&f&lChest &7(Place down)'
       - '&7This chest will kill all mobs'
       - '&7in the placed chunk and the items'
       - '&7will go into the chest'
       WhiteList: #The format is MOB:DROP:ITEMDATA. make sure to not have spaces.
       - 'ZOMBIE:STONE:0'
       - 'PIG:GRASS:0'
       - 'COW:PAPER:0'
       Timer: 10
       Hologram: '&b&lMob &f&lChest'

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  1. porthos203
    Version: 1.8
    nice plugins i have a question about the autosell chest do it work with essentialX or not this one?
  2. ImortalGamer
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing plugins, does what it says it does. Although I have a small problem, I am getting errors in console when I use the ShopGui+ option (the other is false), that the net/brcdev/shopgui/ShopGuiPlusApi is not a existing class, if you could please tell me your discord that would be great!
    1. hassan7000
      Author's Response