MultiConnect 2.0

Allow multiple logins from a single Minecraft account

  1. kAeeRf
    The BungeeCord MultiConnect plugin allows multiple players under the same Mojang (Minecraft) user accounts. The plugin assigns a new player name based on the plugin configuration.

    Plugin Configuration

    Code (Text):
      - SampleUser1
      - SampleUser2
    LanMode: false
    LanUsersNames: PapaMiner MamaMiner LittleMiner
    SecretSalt: i3XACXrpc96HSbCtI8Szh8p1IHM=
    On the first run the plugin will create the config.yml file if one doesn't exist already. This makes configuration easy. Start, log on once, shutdown, make configuration changes, and have fun. By default no one is configured to benefit from the MultiConnect plugin. The config file is located at bungeecord/plugins/BungeeCord MultiConnect Plugin.

    MultiConnectUsers is the list of Mojang usernames that are allowed to connect multiple times. Each user has to be on its own line and must be preceded by a space, dash, space. Users not in this list will sign in as a regular Mojang user. By default this list is empty.

    MultiConnectIPs is a list of IPs from which clients are allowed to use the MultiConnect feature by signing in with a username in the MultiConnectUsers list. Users connecting from other IPs will sign in as a regular Mojang user. This list is empty by default which allows everybody to use the MultiConnect feature by signing in with a username in the MultiConnectUsers list.

    LanMode toggles how the username for MultiConnectUsers are created. By default LanMode is false and the player name will be a hash of the internet address of the player. The hash provides some obscurity and makes it difficult to determine the players IP address and thus providing some privacy toward other players.
    When LanMode is true the IP address of the player is used which makes it a nicer username but can't be used across a home (NAT) router.
    If everybody will have a unique IP then then the LanMode can be set to true. The player name will be the IP address of the player. This also allows the usage of the nicer looking LanUserNames. Anyway, if in doubt leave the LanMode false.

    LanUserNames are IP and username pairs. The associated username for the specified IP number will be used in the game. This allows nice usernames for MultiConnectUsers. However this feature requires that the LanMode is enabled and thus is not suggested to be used for Minecraft servers that are accessible from the Internet.

    SecretSalt is a random hash used to further obscure the internet address that's used as the user name when LanMode is disabled. It is best to let this unique salt to be created automatically.


Recent Reviews

  1. fire__rain
    Version: 2.0
    good please add auto set for all players
    1. kAeeRf
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure what you are requesting. You want all players that connect to use the generated player name (based on the other options) and not just the ones listed in the MultiConnectUsers list?