MulticraftChat 1.0

This fixes the chat and Console tab on the multicraft panel

  1. JoeTheHuman
    If you change the chat format for your server, and you use Multicraft, you may start to notice that the chat and console won't work like they're supposed to. This plugin fixes that, by formatting the chat in the console, so Multicraft can understand it.

    How it works
    What is actually happening is the chat event is being cancelled, and the chat messages are being sent directly to the players. The plugin then sends a message to the console in the original Minecraft chat format (<Username> Message)

    Compatibility Issues
    Some plugins may not be compatible with this plugin. A list has been made below for plugins that have been confirmed as incompatible.

    • Jobs
    • Factions

    Source Code
    Source code will be available at my GitHub

    Need Support?
    Feel free to PM me if you need assistance.

    Bug Reports
    Please submit bug reports at this page. They will be fixed as soon as they can.

    More Information
    This plugin was tested with Spigot found on GetSpigot.

Recent Updates

  1. Switch to GitHub for primary download
  2. Bug fixes