MultiGods 1.1

Allows you to have cool somewhat god potion effects!

  1. DarkenGoldApple
    Azmidium taught me!
    This plugin allows you to have cool overpowered potion effects!
    (This is my first uploaded plugin expect more coming soon!)

Recent Updates

  1. Sorry there was a bug, I fixed it!

Recent Reviews

  1. Azmidium
    Version: 1.1
    Great plugin! I haven't used this, but from helping you out it looks like a plugin I would use all the time with my friends! :)
  2. SuperSniper
    Version: 2015-05-30
    Nice plugin, but please add more information to the plugin page, I checked your code and theres a lot more to add to the plugin page :P

    Good for your first plugin though :D
    1. DarkenGoldApple
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! :D