MultiLineAPI 1.2.6

An API which provides a way to display custom text underneath a player's name.

  1. iso2013
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:

    MultiLineAPI is an easy to use API that allows the server to display a unique second line of text for each player (and soon entities as well), and allows the player's nametag to be changed (without the limitations of other methods - see the table on the documentation page for more information).

    Compatibility and Dependencies
    MultiLineAPI currently requires ProtocolLib. See the releases page for recommended builds. This is due to a Minecraft server limitation - Players (or any entity) who have passengers are unable to teleport. For this reason, ProtocolLib is used to send the mount packets to the client manually, so the player appears to have the entities mounted on their head but is still able to teleport. ProtocolLib is also used to send packets which prevent a player from seeing their own tags.

    MultiLineAPI does not have any commands.

    MultiLineAPI does not have any permissions.

    Known Limitations
    Rarely, the entities can become separated from the player. If this happens, they will appear to follow the player around at Y=-10. Please report any occurrences of this bug using the issue tracker below.

    API Usage
    MultiLineAPI is designed as an API, and thus does not include any noticeable differences when first installed (Except vanilla scoreboards will no longer show below the name) - you must also install a compatible plugin. API documentation is not currently available, however, the API is fairly simple and JavaDocs are available here.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: Does MultiLineAPI support entities?
    Not currently, but adding support is in progress. See the issue here.
    Have another question? Please ask in the Discussion section!

    MultiLineAPI does not lag behind when players move:

    MultiLineAPI also supports more than just one additional line (hence the name :)):

    A comparison between MultiLineAPI and the vanilla scoreboard:

    You may report issues here. Please include the following information, otherwise your report will be ignored/deleted:
    • Steps to reproduce
    • Expected behaviour
    • Actual outcome
    • Minecraft version (Note: Only 1.10 and 1.11 are officially supported)

    Source Code

    Source code is available here!

    The documentation site is available on my GitHub page here.

    Want to donate to continue MultiLineAPI's development? I accept donations here:
    Previous Donors: Donors can PM me to receive a shoutout here, including their server's IP.​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Redraskal
    Version: 1.2.6
    A great way of bypassing the stupid scoreboard integer if you want to add other lines to name-tags! Not sure what I'll use this for, but something will definitely come up. Great job on this plugin, I can't wait to see entity support :)
  2. Redned
    Version: 1.2.6
    This is seriously one of the best and most powerful API/plugin there is out for multiple line management and even name management. First it does it's job flawlessly and when the server is experiencing lag, the lines don't lag behind the player.

    Second, if you import the source into your plugin and play with it a little bit, you can do almost anything. Like changing names above players heads, bypassing the 16 character limit, and so much more.

    This right now is my favorite API/plugin and I would suggest it to anyone out there searching for something like this.

    11/10 Rating. Thanks iso2013 for this amazing resource!

  3. TigerHix
    Version: 1.2.6
    Awesome idea and well-executed. The API seems too strict in terms of the calling procedure (it's very frustrating that you must register the handler first, and THEN enable the tag for player and go on from there), but overall nice job. Hopefully we'll see entity support in the future ;)
    1. iso2013
      Author's Response
      Yeah, the strictness was in anticipation of several other features that were planned, but then cancelled (like entity support for example) since the current structure is way too difficult to maintain. In the next version it'll be rewritten to be far more powerful and (hopefully) simpler.

      Thanks for the review :)
  4. WiseHollow
    Version: 0.1α
    Excellent plugin. The API is extremely simple to follow, and there is many things I plan to use it for. Keep up the good work, and I appreciate you creating this project.
    1. iso2013
      Author's Response
      Thank you! It's surprising you found it easy to follow though since there's no tutorial yet xD
  5. helptiger
    Version: 0.1α
    * Great work so far! It has immense potential! *
    1. iso2013
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! It's reviews like this that keep me developing :)