MultiplayerEvents 0.1

Random events on your Multiplayer server

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    • 1.16
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    Events on your Multiplayer server

    This plugin is currently in prerelease! Things might not work as expected, and things might be missing!

    This plugin provides randomly chosen events to your game, creating a fun and engaging experience.

    Events are constantly being added and improved, I take suggestions as well! Here are some of them:
    - ItemCommission: Provide Items to a chest at a given location within a timeframe
    - MobKill: Kill an amount of a mob within a timeframe
    MoveToLocation: Navigate to a given location within a timeframe

    The events provide the player with points, these points can be exchanged for in-game items (WIP)


    MultiplayerEvents is highly configurable, you can tweak basically anything!

    Currently only English translations are provided by default. However you can create your own by duplicating the language file plugins/MultiplayerEvents/languages/en.yml. You can then modify this file to your own wishes, and enable it in the configuration.

    Please read the instructions at the top of en.yml for more information!

    Commands and Permissions
    MultiplayerEvents has no commands nor permissions as of yet.

    I offer support in my Discord server here:

    Issues or Suggestions
    If you've found any issues, please report them on the GitHub repository:
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