Multiprefix 1.2

A versatile chat plugin supporting PlaceholderAPI and multiple prefixes

  1. Okx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Multiprefix allows you to give multiple prefixes to your player, and also allows PlaceholderAPI placeholders.

    This requires Vault and a permissions plugin. A chat plugin that provides prefixes and suffixes is optional (but comes with most permissions plugins like LuckPerms or PermissionsEx).

    The configuration file explains how this works.

    If you're in multiple groups in one ladder, Multiprefix will use the last group you're in. You may also use & chat colours.

    Code (YAML):
        - donor
        - vip
        - super
    : " "
        - a
        - b
        - c
        - d
        # "prefix" & "suffix" are only used if the player is in one of the above groups
    : "["
    : "]"
        # note "prefix" and "suffix" are not applied on "fallback"
    : "{FREE!}"

    # Usage:
    # @[email protected]
    # If they are in one of the groups defined in "example", replaces with the prefix of that group they are in.
    # Then, prepend the prefix (if it is there) and append the suffix (if it is there).
    # If they are not in any of those groups, use the "fallback" option for that ladder,
    # or replace it with nothing if there is no fallback option.
    # You can also use @[email protected] to use the group's suffix instead of their prefix,
    # or just @[email protected] to use the group name.
    # You may also use PlaceholderAPI placeholders with %placeholder%
    # Placeholders for chat are #player# and #message#
    # See here for placeholders for normal prefix and suffix:
    : "@[email protected]@[email protected] #player#: #message#"

    # Disable if placeholders don't work.
    # Only use if you're getting errors.
    # If you still get errors after disabling this,
    # that are to do with PlaceholderAPI, it's probably the plugin which provides the placeholder.
    : true
    • /multiprefix View plugin version
    • /multiprefix reload Reload config file
    • default - access to /multiprefix
    • multiprefix.reload op - access to /multiprefix reload
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Recent Reviews

  1. GiraffeCraft
    Version: 1.1
    Hello, Im using this plugin for my prison server. I need it for it to show my Prestige and regular rank. When I first downloaded it, it first showed {FREE!} and now i changed it to (P0) for prestige 0. But when someone prestiges.. it doesnt change to (P1)... I set the P1 group to the prefix too. HELP
    1. Okx
      Author's Response