MultiSleep Plugin V1.6

Sleeping in multiplayer, made easy.

  1. V1.6

    V1.6 Change Log:

    - Gives a small amount of XP when sleeping.
  2. V1.5

    V1.5 Change Log:

    - Removed effects that are not required.
    - Bug Fixes.
    - Added more monsters to the kill list.
    - Fixed spam bed prefix bug.
    - Added a warning to the plugin file.
  3. V1.4

    V1.4 Change Log:

    - Added a "New morning, new chat." function.
    - Bug Fixes.
    - Better layout for file.
  4. V1.3.1

    V1.3.1 Change Log:

    - Fixed the description at the top file.
  5. V1.3

    V1.3 Change Log:

    - Added descriptions to the current code.
    - Added a /multisleep command.
    - Added a changeable prefix.
    - Bugfixes.
  6. V1.1/1.2/pre-1.3

    V1.1/1.2/pre-1.3 Change Log:

    - More boosts added for players who sleep.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fancyness
    - Action bar messages
    - Even more fancyness.