Multiverse Portals Ban 2.0

Ban player from world or whitelisted some players to permit acces of world you want.

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Hello this is my first plugin i share to online, i make this plugin to ban player from my pvp world if the player is an evil ;)

    The banned player can't take the portal (multiverse-portals)
    I added some features with the time style the whitelist.

    that work with Portal to Portal(in other world) and portal to world.

    New in 2.0:
    1. compiled with 1.11.2
    2. fix bug with timed ban (bad comparing and unban anytime)
    3. fix reload
    New in 1.9:
    1. Added [time] option to ban from world
    2. tranfered all messages to messages.yml from config.yml
    New in 1.8:
    1. Added display uuid of player hover ther name
    2. little bug fix
    News in 1.7:
    1. bugfix for ban and wl command now check uuid instead only the player name
    2. bugfix with the tab complete
    3. Added the commands unban, ban, wl to the tab complete
    News in 1.6:
    1. Compiled with spigot api 1.8.8
      • Added kickfromworld to wl and ban
      • Added cmd option for this
    2. Added string sentence for this to advertise player
    3. 100% compatible with uuid
      • convert all player name to uuid in ban list of world and whitelist
      • When u want to display listed user for whitelist and ban list the username are displayed and not the uuid.

Recent Updates

  1. Little fix update :P
  2. New feature update #2
  3. Little update