Multiverse-SignPortals (1.13+ Support) 2.7.7

Sign Portals module for Multiverse-Core

  1. Fixed

    APPARENTLY NetBeans didn't want to compile the jar correctly, this update is a working jar now that i fixed the NetBeans issue
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  2. Fixes the plugin not loading

    Forgot to change the main class in the plugin.yml, sorry D:
  3. Changes

    Forgot to bump up version numbers, this fixes it so everything's up to date
  4. I'm dumb

    apparently i uploaded a version without 'api-version: 1.13' which would cause the plugin to break on loaded, this is fixed
  5. Logging changes

    Reverts the mess that i created while working on the project while incredibly tired, sorry about that, the plugin is now re-using what the original plugin uses for logging, if there's any issues with logging now, blame the original devs <3
  6. Fixes a dependency related issue

    read the title