MultiVersions 1.0

Name your versions of the MultiVerse worlds and keep them intact.

  1. TheFishyTeam
    MultiVersions is a free Spigot/Bukkit server plugin to allow your users to control the versions of their worlds in place, without asking them to provide any backup or Dropbox folders. It requires the popular MultiVerse-Core plugin to allow your users to create multiple worlds on the server.

    • multiversions.list - listing the versions of the current multiverse world;
    • multiversions.switch - switching the world to a previously version, or giving name to the current version of the world.
    • /v - list all of your versions
    • /v version - switch to your version
      • Note: The player who owns the current version will get his/her changes saved as the latest version, so that he/she can resume their work.
    Setup instructions
    1. Drop the MultiVersions.jar to the plugins folder in your server, where MulitVerse-Core-X.Y.jar is kept;
    2. Start the server as you normally do, e.g.
      java -XX:MaxPermSize=128M -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar spigot_server.jar nogui
    Dependencies on other plugins
    • MultiVerse-Core: it is mandatory to create multiple worlds in the first place.
    Known limitations
    • To manage the storage overhead on server, a limit is imposed on the number of versions freely available for each user so you don't need to worry about the overhead;
    • When you have a single world in multiverse, a second world will have to be created for you. This currently a limitation due to how multiverse unloads a world from memory. If you don't have the second world to teleport to, the current world cannot be unloaded and the disk may not get the latest information due to the server lag. As soon as you have created your own genuine second world, you can delete the auto-created world later, but always make sure you have at least two worlds in the multiverse!
    • There is no relation between MultiVerse-Core team and MultiVersions team for now. Therefore, there is a potential risk for the new version of MultiVerse to break the dependencies. For information, the plugin has been tested on the most recent and stable 2.4 version of the MultiVerse-Core plugin.
    Related information
    This plugin is similar to the functions of MineVersions Android App offered for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The main differences are:
    • MultiVersions saves Multi-Player worlds of Minecraft PC editions, on the server side. So end-users do not need to download anything extra to their own machine, whilst MineVersions App saves Single-Player worlds of Minecraft PE on the Android phones;
    • Since the worlds are already shared on the server side, MultiVersions do not need to offer additional functions to synchronise the saved versions to a 3rd party server, whilst MineVersions App has to provide such a functionality.