MultiWorld v5.2.6

MultiWorld is a plugin for more worlds inside bukkit and spigot

  1. ferrybig
    Multiworld - The official Multiworld Project
    The easy to use multiworld plugin, support custom end and nether worlds for each worlds, you can configure what you want, and you get it (limited to what I programmed)

    This plugin was hosted on before, and was copied to here because some people think this is the only source of plugins.
    I made this plugin because the previous author "Baummann", the original creator of Multiworld, became inactive. Before, it was just a simple plugin with 2 commands: /goto and /newworld. I took control of the project and developed a better version. We are now at version 5.2.6 of Multiworld.

    • Custom world generators like a world with deserts
    • Allows you to change the gamemode of a player when you enters a world
    • Supports relative coordinates with /mw move and /mw goto like the /teleport from vanila minecraft
    • Block chat coming from other worlds to create worlds where the users have their own private chat

    Commands and Permissions
    <Required argument> [optional argument]

    world commands
    /mw create <world name> [generator] [seed]
    Adds a new world to the Multiworld Database.
    Notice: you can also use this command to add existing worlds.
    Warning: Do not give to players you don't thrust because they can create unlimited worlds!
    Permission: multiworld.command.create​
    /mw load <world name>
    Loads a world that has been defined in the Multiworld database
    Permission: multiworld.command.load​
    /mw unload <world name>
    Unloads a world that has been defined in the Multiworld database, other plugins cannot see this world anymore | multiworld.command.unload |​
    /mw delete <wold name>
    Removes a world from the MultiWorld database. \\ **Warning:** This action is destructive to the settings multiworld has defined to the world!
    Permission: multiworld.command.delete​
    /mw list
    List the worlds multiworld has generated in your server.
    Permission: multiworld.command.list ​
    /mw info
    Shows information from a world
    Permission: ​
    /mw listgens
    List the supported world generators to use with /mw create
    Permission: multiworld.command.listgens ​
    World Properties
    /mw listflags
    List the possible flags to use with the following commands.
    Permission: multiworld.command.flags ​
    /mw setflag <world> <flagname> <value>
    Sets a flag/option on a world.
    Permission: multiworld.command.setflag ​
    /mw getflag <world> <flagname>
    Gets a flag from a world, tip use * to get al the world flags.
    Permission: multiworld.command.getflag ​
    Portal related commands
    /mw link <src-world> <dst-world>
    Links all nether portals from <src-world> to <dst-world>. Notice, to use this you need to turn on the nether portal handler!
    Permission: ​
    /mw link-end <src-world> <dst-world>
    Links al end portals from <src-world> to <dst-world>. Notice, to use this you need to turn on the end portal handler
    Permission: ​
    Teleportation Related Commands
    /mw goto <world name>
    Teleports yourself to a world, this command can also be used as alias /goto <world>
    Permission: multiworld.command.goto ​
    /mw move <player> <world>
    Moves a player to an world
    Permission: multiworld.command.move ​
    Spawn related Commands
    /mw spawn
    Teleports yourself to spawn, to move other people use /mw move.
    Permission: multiworld.command.spawn ​
    /mw setspawn
    Sets the spawn of a world, you can use this to correct the starting spawn point
    Permission: multiworld.command.setspawn ​
    Core and Utility
    /mw save
    Saves the plugin data
    Permission: ​
    /mw reload
    Reload the plugin data
    Permission: multiworld.command.reload ​
    /mw debug
    Shows some debugging information, this information is very handy when you create a bug report
    Permission: multiworld.command.debug ​
    /mw help
    Shows help about the commands used in Multiworld, useful so you don't need to go to this page
    Permission: ​

    Permission used to allow multiworld to change the gamemode of the affected player when entering a creative world. Its recommend to give everyone this permission. ​
    Gives access to the basic Multiworld moderator controll, this permission won't allow users to modefy settings of existing world, it only allows them to view the settings / teleport to worlds ​
    All the permissions from multiworld, you can also use the star permission to give them all permissions. Multiworld.admin ​

    Optional features
    End portal handler
    The end portal handlers allows you to define custom end portals per world
    Config: options.useEndPortalHandler​
    Nether portal handler
    This addon makes it posiable to redirect netherportals to custom nether worlds, this setting is per-world
    Config: options.usePortalHandler ​
    This allows you to use the RecieveChat and the SendChat flags on a world
    Config: options.useWorldChatSeperator​
    This allows you to use the flag CreativeWorld to turn on creative mode for a world, to use this you need to give you users the following permissions on all worlds: multiworld.creativemode
    This module also comes with a other configuration settings, when you turn off //usecreativemodeinv//, it ONLY handles the gamemode part, it won't change the inventory contents, this can be used if you have a custom plugin for per world inventories.
    Config: options.usecreativemode ​
    Prevents the use of ender chests in creative mode, this can be used to prevent people from cheating stuff by storing it inside a ender chest in a creative world, and then removing it in a survival world.
    Notice: It is recomment to turn this always on
    Config: options.blockEnderChestInCrea​
    This allows you to have custom respawn worlds per world group, this can be setup by turning this part on to generate the configuration needed for this.
    Config: options.useWorldSpawnHandler​
    Allows multiworld to hook into craftbukkit to display information that the bukit api won't provide. This feature will try to turn itself off when there are any errors using it.
    Config: options.craftbukkitHooks​

    Multiworld and Data Collecting
    To determine popularity of versions, features, and lingering usage, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system

    Ok, but what exactly is read/sent?
    It is not possible for Metrics to control the plugin in any way except for plugin-specific code the plugin author implements. As mentioned before, nothing is downloaded, so what you get is what the plugin author implemented.

    The following data is read from the server in some way or another:

    File Contents of plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml (created if not existent)

    Players currently online (not max player count)

    Server version string (the same version string you see in /version)

    Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin

    Mineshafter status - it does not properly propagate Metrics requests however it is a very simple check and does not read the filesystem

    The following data is sent to Metrics revision of the implementing class Server's GUID Players currently online (not max player count) Server version string (the same version string you see in /version) Plugin version of the metrics-supported plugin The amount of worlds the server has the world generators you used (So I know when I can safetly drop 1 of them at a newer build to same some space)

    how to disable
    edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true.

Recent Reviews

  1. PhoenixHaven
    Version: v5.2.6
    It's a good world generation plugin but not a good plugin to have active in the background. If you're just looking for a plugin to generate a new normal, void, etc. world fast then this is fine. However with this plugin on, it absolutely TANKS performance even on an I9 9900k.
  2. peakphuvanon
    Version: v5.2.6
    Don't use this plugin. This plugin just deleted my world. I recommend Multiverse-core plugin better.
  3. Maks17090917
    Version: v5.2.6
    how to make second nether to second world help me please cuz i can't have server with only one nether
  4. RazerStorm
    Version: v5.2.6
    I have always loved this one and i am still using it today, i would like to see updates but i dont think they will come.
  5. NoChanceSD
    Version: v5.2.6
    This plugin never failed me, even recently in 1.15.2, always worked nicely. Although you should get the latest version from bukkit (Currently 5.2.8)
  6. JonManella
    Version: v5.2.6
    DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN! I tried to give this plugin a second chance but this is now the second time it has deleted one of my worlds. Weeks of hard work, gone. It is a tedious and fragile plugin, please save yourself the frustration and find another plugin.
  7. DJc00l
    Version: v5.2.6
    It went actually fine for 2 weeks, but today it corrupted one of the worlds pls fix
  8. wildmaster84
    Version: v5.2.6
    This plugin works amazing for my 1.13.2 paper server, the only thing I hope that can be fixed is the message that says a player was moved to a world, /goto cms is what im referring to
  9. IEgeq_01
    Version: v5.2.6
    This plugin removed my world. Worst plugin. I don't recomment to you download it
  10. Renezoros
    Version: v5.2.6
    Works on all our Servers 1.8 - 1.13.2 ... please post Alpha-update for 1.14 there are currently some errors.