MultiWorldSpawn 1.2.1

Saves the spawn's locations for each world! Complete with a /lobby for main spawn!

  1. ServersMC
    ServersMC, DennisLysenko
    This plugin is abandoned. Please message me if you want this project to be continued. (Reason: Low demand)
    Have many worlds don't you? Need a spawn command for each of them? Well here's the plugin for you!

    Code (Text):
    * Holds spawn location for all worlds!
    * Comes with a /lobby command, to spawn to lobby!
    No config files to setup! All data files will be in the plugin folder. Please do not edit the log file, that is where all the spawn locations are stored!
    Code (Text):
    /setlobby   Sets the current world as the servers lobby!
    /setspawn   Sets the current worlds spawn!
    /spawn      Teleports to the current worlds spawn!
    /lobby      Teleports to the servers spawn location!
    Code (Text):
    setlobby    mws.setlobby
    setspawn    mws.setspawn
    spawn       (none)
    lobby       (none)
    Code (Text):
    * Get Essentials config file, for teleport timer.
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