MultiWorldSystem = Worlds, Commands, Signs, Enchants, Poitions... 4.0.6

Create Worlds, set Spawn, Hub, Warps, Homes,CommandSigns, Enchanting .......

  1. alugilak
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Ein 40 Minuten Video über MWS und nicht mal 1/4 an Möglichkeiten gezeigt!

    wp_ss_20180213_0002 (2).png

    Now you can set the rain and the storm with commands on or off.

    If you use /rainset on, the on server
    it will rain normally in cycles in the future. If you use /rainset off ,it will not rain in the future!

    The same you can do with storm! /stormset on & /stormset off

    if You only /help type. You Can list all commands from all plugins what is installed.

    Now you can set the rain and the storm with commands on or off.

    If you use /rainset on, the on server
    it will rain normally in cycles in the future. If you use /rainset off ,it will not rain in the future!

    The same you can do with storm! /stormset on & /stormset off

    From now on you can specify the items and the commands in the config.yml! Just like The item lore and GuiTitel and the command to open the gui!

    VERY IMPORTANT! The changes must be made before the server is started! Every change has a complete server start! a simple reload does not help!

    It's best to fill the gui in the config once and then restart the server!

    Check out the howto video!




    Code (Text):
    - = /healthbar on /healthbar off
    - mws.creeper.use = /creaper true  /creeper false
    - = /permission to buy in Shop from a player
    - = /ps s <itemname> <amoind> <price>
    - = ps create
    - = ps delete
    - = ps remove
    - = /mwsdelshop
    - = /mwsdelshop <pplayername>
    - = /mwsshoptp
    - = /mwssetshop
    - = /ps v <playername> /
    - = /possave /posload
    - = /back
    - mws.kill.mob = /killmob
    - = /vipbank
    - = /bankopen
    - mws.rain.use = /rain
    - mws.storm.use = /storm
    - mws.flyspeed.set = /fs
    - = /f
    - mws.walk.use = /walk
    - mws.gm0.use = /g0
    - mws.gm1.use = /g1
    - mws.gm2.use = /g2
    - mws.heal.use = /heal
    - mws.inv.clear = /cinv
    - = /wclear
    - = /day
    - mws.night.use = /night
    - = /gset
    - mws.kill.use = /peng
    - mws.spawn.set = /sspawn
    - mws.poitions.use = /nightvision ....
    - mws.warp.set =  /swarp
    - mws.home.set = /shome
    - mws.home.del = /dhome
    - mws.hometo.use = /tophome
    - mws.hub.set = /shub
    - mws.hub.use = /hub
    - mws.warp.del = /dwarp
    - mws.warp.use = /w
    - = /mwshelp
    - mws.flat.create = /cflat
    - = /clb
    - mws.normal.create = /cnormal
    - mws.amplified.create = /camp
    - mws.v1.create = /cv1
    - = /csky
    - mws.block.set  = /block
    - mws.discord.use = /discord
    - mws.discord.set = /sdiscord
    - mws.homepage.use = /homepage
    - mws.homepage.set = /shomepage
    - mws.tpto.use = /to
    - mws.tpme.use = /tome
    - mws.tpxyz.use = /xyz
    - mws.worldtp.use = /wtp
    - mws.ewda.use = /ewda
    - mws.ewra.use = /ewra
    - mws.ewua.use = /ewua
    - mws.ewca.use = /ewca
    - mws.allworlds.use = /wlistall
    - mws.giveitem.use = /gi
    - mws.warp.list = /warplist
    - = /wload
    - = /wunload
    - mws.motd.set = /smotd
    - mws.motd.admin = /sysmotd
    - = /wlist
    - mws.sign.create = Create command signs
    - mws.sign.use = Use commands signs
    - mws.sign.del = Delete command signs
    - = /mwsrepair
    - mws.chatcolor.set = /chatcolor
    - = /wren
    - = /cpworld
    - = /owbuilder+ /owbuilder-
    - mws.kick.player = /kick
    - mws.enchant.use = All Enchant commands
    if You dont have Fe. YOU CANT USE THE SCHOP
    Möchtest du Fe in einer recodeten Deutschen Version haben, lade dir es hier herunter. In dieser Version sind zusätzlich noch ein weiteres Itemlager für Spieler und Vip Spieler enthalten. :

    Update 3.7.6 now with Playershop! look under Updates for more Infos!

    PLEASE make a Backup from your Files in the Pluginfolder. The update overwrites all existing data in the files!​
    You do not need to save the world, spawn and bank yml! These are no longer updated by the plugin, they are purely for the server! with /mwsr reload you all config files in game!
    I wrote this plugin for my 8 year old son, who likes to play Minecraft for his life, and that's been at least 3 years already. His brothers are playing since Minecraft 1.7 and I had to set up several servers at home. Over the past few years, I have experienced plugins that were more harmful than helpful! That's a java thing. I started 1 month ago to scripts and here various hostility from my German People. From being stolen to scribing is not programming but only executing commands from other plugins. That's why I started writing my plugin. I have removed all my scripts. For this reason, I do not write a German description of the plugin anymore, because I do the typical German make everything bad just cross!

    With Java, I have only begun to program with this plugin. Before, I already wrote a lot in C ++ and C # and net. For my private servers Rappelz, Aion and co. I also published these programs on another page. Elitepvpers. So I have a little programming knowledge. Learning Java was not that hard as it uses only the typical expressions! You just have to read a little!

    So since this is my first plugin, and I just started watching Java with this plugin, I hope for a little consideration in your reviews. First and foremost, I wrote this plugin for private, and because of my bad reviews experience here, I did not want to publish it. But on request of my son then made a publication.

    Of course, I'm happy about any help I can get!
    Da deutsche Hilfemenü ist fertig. /mwshelp. Dann alle Befehle mit De
    This plugin does not phone home or anywhere. There is also no automatic update function received. This plugin stays in minecraft and does not spin into the net for metrics or other things



    The MultiWorldSystem is here! Unbelievable what this plugin is all about!
    /mwshelp1 - mwshelp9

    /chatcolor help


    First, it's a world generator!

    You can use it to create all Bukkit worlds. In addition, a completely empty world!

    second, it includes many well-known Essentials commands!

    third, you can create signs on which you can execute commands

    Fourth, you can create 6 lines of MotD ingame.

    fifth, you can post a message anytime as a broadcast to all ingame.

    Sixth, you can have your name colored

    seventh, you can write in color chat if you use & as a sign!

    Eighth, you can also use color on signs with the sign &

    Ninth, you can create 15 Pex groups with inherited people at once

    Tenth, you can create pex groups, delete players, give permissions and take them.

    Eleven, players can create their own world. they get all the necessary rights, such as gamemode 1, etc. They become owner in their world. You can add and remove other players as members of their world! The player worlds have the name of the player!

    twelfth, you can enchant weapons and armor and give them their own descriptions and names

    thirteen, you can use and remove poitioneffects per command, /nightvision

    fourteen, you can put spawns, hubs and warps. additional homes

    fifteen, there are two banks, one for players and one for VIP players. Both banks have their own config file and their own permissions! Each bank has up to 54 slots! The slot amount can be set in the config.yml. each in nine steps! The headline can also be set. also in color!

    sixteen, you can kick players who will receive a message!

    Seventeen, if you die, a grave will be placed in the place, under the grave is a chest with the lost inventory. The inscription can be set in the config.yml. Anyone who wants can insert a command there in the first line. Example mwsrepair to repair the equipment.

    eighteen, you can capture discord and forum and change in-game the header!

    nineteen, you can delete worlds, list, rename and loads.

    twenty, you can view all permissions with reference to the commands

    Players can now save a position freely to which they can then return. After loading the memory location this will be deleted!

    Twenty-two, players can now return to their place of death with a command

    This plugin is free for everyone and will stay that way!

    There may still be occasional small bugs in the system messages. If errors occur they are not server-heavy or lead to crashes.

    Installation: just slide the jar file into the plugin folder. Server reboot and ready.

    Required plugins: If you really want to use all functions, you must have installed: Worldedit, WorldGuard, PermissionEx and Multiverse!


    1. spawner.png

Recent Updates

  1. add Lore & Displayname to every Item
  2. After Death no teleport with /back fixed!
  3. fix error with hub world hub not loaded

Recent Reviews

  1. KingSkyFall24
    Version: 3.5.7
    WHAT IS THIS . . . .
    1. alugilak
      Author's Response
      A little project I do for my 8 year old son. It was originally supposed to be just an emtyWorld generator xd. It became more and more, when the little one arrived and made his demands!
  2. GabrielHD150
    Version: 3.5.1
    Good plugin! nice job
    1. alugilak
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
  3. CaptainSydney
    Version: 3.0
    Really good plugin worked on the first try which is what I like to see but would you be able to make a messages.yml for translations of the plugin to be possible if you do I can make a translation to english for you
    1. alugilak
      Author's Response
      I hope that is how you like it now. In update 1.5 changes the commands and permissions.
    Version: 2.0
    1. alugilak
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I think nothing is wrong with the other plugin. I have now seen it. Why it must have so mutch thinks, with block ids? I only want have a generator that makes me a empty world. Since this time a have download a empty map as shematic and copy it manual. In my other version it makes me now with the command /ewca a empy Map named emptyWorld. With command ewra removes it the world and with ewua unload it the world. Its a litle learning for me. Short commands that i can use after and bevor i use mcedit.