MultiWorldSystem = Worlds, Commands, Signs, Enchants, Poitions... 4.1.3

Create Worlds, set Spawn, Hub, Warps, Homes,CommandSigns, Enchanting .......

  1. Use MultiWorldSystem his own Wand Tool

    Now you can use a WandTool without Worldedit to make it easier to build! Use each item as a tool. Just set the item in the WandTool.yml and use / mwsr to plugin reload. The permission can also be changed in the file. You can also change the name for the messages there.
  2. now you must set with /build the DataValue true.

    /<build> <NumberOutsideRadius> <x> <y> <z> <NumberInsideRadius> <BlockID> <DataValue>

    Example of a hollow ball of Cyan Stained Glass:

    /build 15 15 15 15 1 95 9


    For this form you must not move from place. Enter the commands one after the other!
    /build 8 1 9 9 1 95 4
    /build 7 1 9 9 1 101 0
    /build 6 1 9 9 1 95 2
  3. Build Crazy Objects

    Build crazy objects. The easiest way to create an empty world and try out the various combinations. If you have found a suitable one notes the command. Then you can place the object where you want it with the command!

    /<build> <NumberOutsideRadius> <x> <y> <z> <NumberInsideRadius> <BlockID>

  4. add sent player Iteminfo in Chat, Displayname & Lore now endles long

    Now it is possible to send the item information to another player. The item must be in your hand. / iisend <playerernamer>

    Display Name & Lore can now have multiple words. Example: / lore this is a lore
    / displayname this is a displayname

    there does not have to be a separator between the words!

    This is only possible if both are done separately. directly when enchanting a delimiter is necessary.

  5. Add Enchant Item Bank for Player

    Players can now use an additional Itembank for their Enchanted Items. Name, slots can be changed in the enchant.yml. If players are now sent an item from the WeaponEnchant.yml with the command / enchantitem, this will be placed in a free slot. If no slot is free, the player gets a message.

  6. Item Infos in Chat

    Now you can use the / iteminfo command to get info about the item you have in the main hand. Issue takes place in the chat.

  7. remove Playershop. Add EnchantItem Save

    The player shop has been removed. too many bugs. All weapons that receive an enchantment are now stored in WeaponEnchant.yml. They are now always available on the display name and can be sent to players.
    / enchantitem <display name> and / or <player name>

    In the future, this will also be possible with armor. That's the next todo!
  8. add Lore & Displayname to every Item

    Now you can set with /lore and /displayname the same for every Item!
  9. After Death no teleport with /back fixed!

    Teleport after death with /back is now fixed!
  10. fix error with hub world hub not loaded

    if a hub is already set, but the world hub has not been loaded after the server restart, it will now be loaded if someone executes the command / hub!