Munchausen Fireworks 0.4.0

Minecraft-story of Baron Munchausen. Fly using fireworks and drop air-bombs.

  1. fromgate
    Munchausen Fireworks
    Munchausen Fireworks is a plugin that could bring a lot fun to your server.

    This plugin, according to it's name, is dedicated to my favorite (in childhood) book - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. If you read this book you can remember the story about Baron Munchausen and the cannon ball. I remember this story and invent a new item - Munchausen Firework. This firework is a new item that allows players to ride the firework rocket and force other players (and mobs) to fly on it.


    • New item: Munchausen Firework and new recipes (to create a Munchausen Firework and to power up it)
    • Ride firework rocket and fly!
    • You can control your flying direction!
    • Use firework to bring made any mob flying!
    • Use air bombs to destroy your enemies!
    Video demonstration

    How to use Munchausen Fireworks
    • Craft the Munchausen Firework rocket
    • Power up rocket if necessary
    • Run, sprint and use your firework
    • Yahoooo!!!!!
    1. Creating a Munchausen Firework

    You need a Firework Rocket. Place it workbench and combine it with leash.


    2. Increase power of Munchausen Firework

    Place Munchausen Firework in workbench and add some ( 1 - 8 ) gunpowder. Every gunpowder will increase power of rocket by one.


    3. Creating Carrier Firework

    You need a Firework Rocket. Place it workbench and combine it with leash and furnace.


    4. Creating Air bombs: You need TNT, stone button and flint-n-steel:


    • /munchausen help — Mmm....
    • /munchausen give — shows virtual inventory with Munchausen Fireworks (and fuel)
    • /munchausen reload — reload plugin configuration
    • munchausen.give — allows to use give and help commands
    • munchausen.config — allows to use reload command
    • munchausen.firework — allows to use Munchausen Fireworks
    • munchausen.carrier— allows to use Carrier Fireworks
    • munchausen.firework.launchmob — allows to launch mobs with Munchausen Fireworks
    • munchausen.firework.launchplayer — allows to launch other players
    • munchausen.fireworks.craft — allows to use crafting recipes
    • munchausen.bomberman — allows to use Air bombs
    Configuration (config.yml)
    Code (Text):
      check-updates: true # true - to enable update checker
      language: english # language (russian - included)
      language-save: false # save language file
      sprint-to-fly: true # Need sprinting to fly at firework
      item-craft-enable: true # Use crafting recipes
      decrease-takeoff-speed: true # if set to true the takeoff speed is lower than usual
        item: '&6Munchausen_Firework$FIREWORK'   # Munchausen Firework item
        maxPower: 50 # Max power of rocket that could be reached using power-up recipe
        take-off-modifier: 0.8  # 1 - normal speed (100%), 0.8 = 80% of normal speed
        item-remove: true  # false - to infinitive fireworks
        randomize-firework: false # Ignore firework settings and every time create a random firework effect
        item: '&cCarrier_Firework$FIREWORK' # Carrier Firework item
        fuel-item: SULPHUR # Carrier fuel item
        take-off-modifier: 0.45   # 1 - normal speed (100%), 0.45 = 45% of normal speed
        base-time: 1.0   # time between reloads
        explode-effect-on-reload: true # play small explosion effect when carrier is reloading
        need-fuel-to-fly: true # set to false if you need do disable fuel usage
      item: '&4Air bomb$TNT' # Air-bomb item
      shoot-mode: true # shot or drop bomb
      damage-modifier: 100.0  # Fall-damage modifier (in percents). Set 0 to disable damage; 100 - no change; more than 100 - increased damage
      effects: # List of potion effects. Set "effects: []" to disable effects
      - DAMAGE_RESISTANCE time:3s level:3

    Update checker
    Munchausen Fireworks include a update checker that use your server internet connection. Update checker will every hour check the to find new released version of plugin and you can easy disable it: just set parameter "version-check" to "false" in config.yml.