Murder 3.3.1-SNAPSHOT

Murder Minigame based on the Garry's Mod Gamemode

  1. Fix

    • fixed typo in the default config
      • Note: you'll have to re-generate the default config in order to update it
  2. Minor update

    • removed BossBarAPI dependency & switched to bukkit methods
  3. 1.11 support

    • updated dependencies and code to (hopefully) support 1.11
    • Please note that this version is not completely tested and might contain bugs/missing features. Please report those via the issue tracker!
  4. Fix

    • fixed invalid loot/player spawnpoints
      • if you have arenas with loot spawnpoints, you will have to re-create them
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  5. NickNamer update

  6. Signs | arena toggle-commands | footsteps | fixes

    • added join & leave signs
    • added /murderEnable & /murderDisable commands to toggle arenas
    • added footsteps (+ updated resource pack)
    • fixed killer detection
    • fixed kill-message color codes
  7. Fixes

    • fixed issues caused by players leaving while ingame
    • added message for games which have already started
    • fixed gun not dropping when a bystander is killed
    • fixed damage issues
  8. Complete re-write | 1.9 support | Custom items, resource packs, names & messages

    • completely re-written the plugin
    • added 1.9 support (working, this time)
    • added support for
      • custom items
      • custom resource packs
      • custom names
      • custom messages
    • improved arena editor
    • improved spectator mode
    • Some of the old features are currently missing (e.g. join signs), most of them will be added in the next version.
  9. 1.9 support | Configurable Prefix & Resourcepacks | Vault support

    • added support for 1.9
    • made prefix configurable
    • made resourcepacks configurable
    • updated player storage to UUIDs
    • added BossBar to show role & disguise name
    • added "disguise as ..." title for murderer
    • added support for Vault (points now actually do something)
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  10. NPCLib update