MushPoof 4.1.4

Bouncy shrooms!

  1. enji
    This plugin enables you to jump on giant mushrooms, just like if it were a trampoline! Every time you press space while standing on a giant mushroom, you will fly up a bit in the air and boost towards where you are looking!

    You can create elevators with giant mushroom-blocks. If you stand on something and there is a mushroomblock 3 blocks above you, then when you jump you will be teleported on top of that mushroomblock. If you now stand on this mushroomblock and sneak and then move (move mouse, jump or walk) you will be teleported down.

    There is a Golden-Boots mode. This is disabled by default but can be turned on in the config file by setting the value of goldenBoots to true. In Golden-Boots mode you must wear golden boots to be able to jump on the mushroomblocks. In Golden-Boots mode, if you wear the golden boots, you will have an over-all non fall damage.

    The /mush command gives the player, which has been granted the mushpoof.mush permission, a mushroom block. /mush [amount] to get more than one.

    The values for the "height-poof" and the "side-poof" can be changed in the config.yml.



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