Music Menu Beta v1.7

Listen to music in minecraft via resource pack!

  1. slideroller
    This plugin fairly took me about 2 days to make due to me stop developing and resuming at a different pace, anyways this plugin allows you to hear music in game but not all kinds of music this is just a "FREE" version of the plugin that I'm going to make, so enjoy the free music.

    How to Install:
    Place it in your plugins folder
    Restart the server
    Done, now your ready to hear some tunes!

    List of Music within the "Free Version":

    Your own music:
    This feature is not implemented yet.

    - downloads a resourcepack to sync in the music
    /musicmenu - opens up the menu where you can select the music
    /musicreload - reloads the config (coming soon)
    /musicstop - stops playing music

    Permissions: - gives permission to the player to access the command

    Not sure if there is any bugs, please pm me instead of giving me a bad review :)

    If you enjoyed my plugin please leave a rating which will inspire me to make more plugins on spigot :p

Recent Updates

  1. You can now stop the music!

Recent Reviews

  1. diolegend
    Version: Beta v1.7
    Can I have source code to update ? It is a nice plugin , i really like it, so let me update for you

    Nice !
  2. ProjectFTW
    Version: Beta v1.7
    I'd rather eat Randy than give this a good review.

    You do have to add more songs to it with more features.
  3. MaskedCreeper100
    Version: Beta v1.7
    I love the idea and how it works, but I think I'll wait for the premium version once and if you do release it. This plugin is currently a little bit "on the edge", and you haven't even bothered to update it since July. I'm having trouble expecting much from you as a developer if you're not going to put the time into it.
    1. slideroller
      Author's Response
      No more further updates, I'm done with minecraft.
  4. Sfap
    Version: 1.5
    The plugin was working only on one Music - "Apologize"
    If the plugin will have own folder where I can put own music or in the config file to play radio station link it would be AWESOME
    If you update this plugin add these features if it impossible and add in the GUI OFF music.
  5. Plo457
    Version: 1.5
    The plugin loads a resourcepack (did I mention the music is not allowed to be distributed in the way it is) which cannot be changed.

    The plugin then plays a record which because your in the resourcepack, is the new music.

    TL;DR of the plugin: It downloads a resourcepack and plays music in the pack
    1. slideroller
      Author's Response
      Why such a bad review on my first plugin this is basically my first plugin here since a long while (2-3 years) and im getting experienced and the songs are soon going to be uncopyrighted songs and the full version is going to have more features such as hub options etc. and this is only a free version of a full premium plugin
  6. Roissica
    Version: 1.5
    Very good, please add folder to put music into, make command /musicstop
    and please free plugin !
    1. slideroller
      Author's Response
      Nice idea, ill implement the command.
  7. MrWonka
    Version: 1.5
    This plugin feels very cheap. You named it MYmusic, yet you can't changed the music.
  8. Summerfeeling
    Version: 1.5
    I don't think that Spigot will take this as a premium plugin. It is just downloading a custom texturepack, and react on some inventory clicks.
    1. slideroller
      Author's Response
      Itll be much more than that trust me.
  9. Daniel4699
    Version: 1.5