Musical Mobs [Multi-Arena] Release 1.1

Musical Chairs in Minecraft, with mobs!

  1. iSach
    Maxim VdW (Titles), hamzaxx (Action Bar), xxmicloxx (NoteBlockAPI)
    Requires Spigot 1.8.8!

    If you have a problem! Contact me on Skype before putting a useless review!

    NoteBlockAPI is needed.


    Musical Mobs is basically Musical Chairs in Minecraft but with no chairs, with random mobs!

    Musical Chairs is an IRL game where music is played a random time. There are (number of players - 1) chairs, when the music stops everybody must try to sit, and the player not sat is eliminated and a chair is removed. And it continues until there is only one player left.
    Same concept, but with mobs and in Minecraft!


    - Multi-Arena
    - Free
    - Open Source
    - Easy to use
    - Translatable
    - Play any .nbs file for each arena!
    And more...


    Just do /musicalmobs create
    to create an arena, and follow the instructions.

    Video by LtJim007

    PS: He forgot signs:

    Join Sign:

    Leave Sign:

    Q: Can I test it on a server?

    A: Just run it on your own server, it's free!

    Q: How can I contact you?
    A: yes, on skype or PM spigot

    Skype: sacha.lewin

    Q: Can I set up 2 arenas on same server?
    A: Yes! it's multi-arena!

    Q: I don't know how to setup, can you help me?
    A: Yes, add me on Skype and I'll set up it for you!


    Only one: Admin Permission:


    by NielsE29
    Check out his server:


    Click here!
    By me #Sweg

    If you have one, give it to me! I'll put it with a link where you want (your server, youtube channel etc)


    Click here!

    You CAN:
    Modify it.
    Use/Run a modified version.

    You CANNOT:
    Redistribute or sell a modified version. Redistribute or sell the original version.

    I give the source code so everybody can have a custom version for oneself.
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Recent Reviews

  1. OursOneYT
    Version: Release 1.1
    Les mauvais avis sont surement ceux qui sont dans des versions inferieur que la 1.10 . Fonctionne très bien . Très bon travail !
    Je cherche toujours si on peut remplacer les mobs par des Armor stand.
    1. iSach
      Author's Response
      Merci pour la review, le plugin est vieux donc ça m'étonne qu'il marche encore pour être honnête ! Mais tant mieux

      Pour l'instant non, je ne sais pas si je le mettrai à jour, à cause de gros manque de temps :(
  2. MsDemonicRaven
    Version: Release 1.1
    inactive developer. plugin does not work. very VERY buggy. abandoned project. sad...this was a great idea.
  3. NightYuki
    Version: Release 1.1
    please 1.12 update
  4. jamesd5
    Version: Release 1.1
    Awesome, one of the best plugins out there!
    However can u add Vault support? Please and thank you :D
  5. SillySolly
    Version: Release 1.1
    Hey dude I only put this rating cus I NEED 1.10! please oh please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. LevelsCraft7
    Version: Release 1.1
    This game is so fun :D

    Just i have a problem, mob is invisible there is incompatible plugin ??
  7. Refornm
    Version: Release 1.1
    Good Plugin Can You Add Bungeecord support also mysql and titles and actionbars this will make your plugin Great :)
  8. Big_SmO_oke
    Version: Release 1.1
    a very good plugin, no bugs, and a very fun game ;) congratulion ;)

    ps excuse me for my bad english :/
    1. iSach
  9. omegac419
    Version: Release 1.1
    Great i made a lil arena on my hub for players to play etc, i was wondering if you could add rewards example config.

    - "/eco give {player} 500"
  10. Celso
    Version: Release 1.0
    Pretty cool idea! Have three cool suggestions ;p. First one, add join signs that show players in the arena, max players and status as long as the display name. Add global lobby, so when the match ends or you leave the game, you are teleported there. And leaderboards with signs and heads. ;)
    1. iSach
      Author's Response
      It's already done the current signs show Arena display name, Status and currentPlayers/maxPlayers

      Seems a cool idea, noted :p

      Nice idea too, noted :)

      Thanks for the review!