Mute System [1.8.x - 1.14.x] 1.4.3

A simple mute plugin

  1. Command Blocking Update

    Added features:
    • Added an option in the configuration file to disable command execution when muted
    • Changed the access method to the API in the MuteSystem.class
    • Changed API method names
    • Changed API result classes for fetch methods

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed wrong encoding usage for loading the language files
  2. SSL support & critical bug fix

    Added features:
    • 1.14 support
    • SSL support for the database connection

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed that the plugin does not reconnect to the database when the connection times out after being idle for too long
  3. New features & bug fixes

    Added features:
    • Now supports PaperMC 1.12.x and 1.13.x
    • Invalid cache data is removed after n seconds to prevent the memory from being clogged up (You can disable it, it is not recommended)
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed NullPointerException being thrown when trying to mute a player which does not exist
    • The player is already muted message did not show up when using the mute command if the player is already muted
  4. Complete rewrite with new features

    Completely rewritten the entire plugin with significant performance improvements as well as new features.

    ### Important ###
    If you previously used MuteSystem (version <= 1.3) you must delete the MuteSystem folder and reconfigure the plugin.
  5. API + Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug with the time calculation which is used with the /mutestatus command
    • Added an API for plugin developers
  6. Decorative update + bugfixes

    • You can now see the reason why you're muted with the command /mutestatus
    • Now you can configure all the messages
    • Recoded the whole language system
    • Updated the config.yml and the language files (Detailed explanation and better variable names)
    • The plugin contains now two languages (English and German)
    Please note that if you update from the version 1.0 to version 1.1 you must delete the config and the languages files (IMPORTANT, due to variable...