Muter 1.2.0

Mute your players!

  1. datdenkikniet
    This plugin will allow you to mute players on your server! It's really lightweight, and is easy to use.

    • /muteperm <playername|-all> | [reason] | mute a player permanently with an optional reason | muter.mute
    • /mute <playername|-all> <XhYm> | mute a player for a specified amount of time (in hours and minutes) | muter.mute
    • /mutelist | [/COLOR]show a list of the muted players | muter.mute
    • /unmute <playername|-all> | unmute a player | muter.mute
    Additional permissions

    • muter.* | grants you all permissions
    • muter.notify | a player with this permission will get a notification when another player is muted
    • muter.mute.all | grants you permission to mute/unmute all players

Recent Reviews

  1. tooxo1
    Version: 1.2.0
    Worked very Well!
    1. datdenkikniet