MVdWPlaceholderAPI 3.0.1

Add/Get placeholders to/from any MVdW Placeholder plugin at once

  1. v3.0.0 BETA - Relational placeholders, important bugfixes and event trigger api

    This is major version of MVdWPlaceholderAPI adding new features. It will not break MVdW placeholder plugins that worked on 2.X versions or other plugins that added placeholders.
    • Added relational placeholder support
      • AnimatedNames and other plugins require an update to utilize this. An update will be created soon
      • Plugins can now register placeholders that make use of relational placeholders (see documentation or github)
    • Fixed a very important bug where event triggers would be globally triggered on all MVdW Placeholder plugins.
      • This caused issues such as the Tab not animating when in combat or AnimatedNames showing white names
    • Added EventAPI for triggering an event on FeatherBoard, Arcadeboard...
      • Documentation will be added later
      • Pseudo example:
      • Code (Text):
        Plugin featherboard = Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("FeatherBoard");
        // Enable the "combat" scoreboard of player
        // ...
        // Disable the "combat" scoreboard of player
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