MvInv Importer 0.0.1

Import Multiverse Inventories into regular, non-multiverse worlds

  1. loganthemanster
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    I was migrating my Multiverse Server to a Bungeecord setup and did not find anything that helps with migrating inventories and XP, so I coded a small plugin myself.

    This plugin can read the .json files created by Multiverse Inventories and apply their content to players.

    Installation and configuration
    Drop the .jar into your plugins folder, restart your server. There is currently no configuration possible.

    Copy the json files you want to import into the plugin's directory. Use the command /mvinvimporter set filename.json playername to apply the content of "filename.json" to the player "playername". You can ommit the player name, then the plugin will use the filename (minus ".json") as the player name.

    Commands and permissions
    /mvinvimporter set [filename] [playername] sets the content of "filename" to player named "playername". Needs the permission mvinvimporter.set.


    • Currently only takes into account survival inventories
    • Ignores location and spawns
    • Ignores potion effects
    • Ignores a few stats like fall distance, fire ticks and flood level