MxrlinFFA BETA2.1

KnockbackFFA in Beta | Going for the wishes of the community

  1. Mxrlin1
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    ! Because I've no ideas, and I don't get any ideas of the community I'll not code this plugin done and start a new project. !

    I go for the wishes of the community. If you want anything to come in this plugin, or find some bugs please contact me here.

    What does it make special?
    • You have many settings to change it to your personal best experience.
    • It has an own shop where you can buy cosmetics.
    • There is an automatic Map-Changer and you can give permissions to forcemap.
    Commands & Permissions:
    • /mffa (mffa.user)
    • /mffa stats (mffa.user)
    • /mffa forcemap (mffa.forcemap)
    • /mffa build (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa start (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa stop (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa createmap <Name> (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa deathhigh <Name> (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa attackhigh <Name> (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa finish <Name> (mffa.admin)
    • /mffa edit <Name> (mffa.admin)


    The shop is divided in 3 sections.
    • Stickshop (Buy sticks & equip them to fight against players with it)
    • Armorshop (Show your richness to other people while wearing armors)
    • Inventory (Sort your Inventory how you want it.)

    Code (Text):

    # MxrlinFFA from Mxrlin
    # Delete any lines with a '#' but don't remove any lines without '#'
    # else it will come to errors.
    # File: config.yml

    # The Prefix of the entire plugin.
    prefix: "&eMxrlinFFA &8| &7"

    # The message when somebody joins.
    join-msg: "&8[&a+&8] &a%player%"
    joinmsgactive: true

    # The message when somebody leaves.
    quit-msg: "&8[&c-&8] &c%player%"
    quitmsgactive: true

    # The chat-format on how it looks.
    chat-msg: "&e%player% &8> &7%msg%"
    chatmsgactive: true

    # The amount of blocks every player have.
    blocks: 16
    infblocks: false

    # The coins you get per kill.
    coins-per-kill: 5

    # The coins you get per death.
    lose-coins-per-death: 1

    # Every XX minutes the map changes.
    minutes-change-map: 10

    # The Cooldown how long the forcemap cooldown is, based on minutes.
    minutes-forcemap-cooldown: 10

    # The Stick prices in coins.
    ghasttearprice: 25
    goldnuggetprice: 50
    spidereyeprice: 100
    featherprice: 200
    boneprice: 250
    blazerodprice: 500

    # The Armor prices in coins.
    witherskelpack: 250
    diastevepack: 500
    beaconpack: 750
    moneybagpack: 1000

    # 20 ticks = 1 second
    every-ticks-update: 30

    # Change this ingame, or else some errors could appear.
    game-playable: false


    Code (Text):
    # MxrlinFFA from Mxrlin
    # Delete any lines with a '#' but don't remove any lines without '#'
    # else it will come to errors.
    # File: language.yml

    noperm: "%prefix% &7You don't have permissions to use this command!"
    unknowncmd: "%prefix% &7Thats an unknown command. Please use &e/mffa &7to check all commands."
    startFirst: "%prefix% &7You've to &e/mffa start &7to run this command!"
    stopFirst: "%prefix% &7You've to &e/mffa stop &7to run this command!"
    forcemapcd: "%prefix% &7You're still on cooldown for &c%time% &7minutes!"
    builddeactive: "%prefix% &7Build mode deactivated!"
    buildactive: "%prefix% &7Build mode activated!"
    finishmapsbefstart: "%prefix% &7You need to finish all of your maps before you can start!"
    confirm: "%prefix% &7Please confirm it by clicking on the below confirm or type &e%cmd%!"
    createmoremaps: "%prefix% &7You need to create atleast 2 maps!"
    alrdystarted: "%prefix% &7The game is already set to started!"
    createmaxmaps: "%prefix% &7Sorry, but you can only create up to 54 maps!"
    mapexistwithname: "%prefix% &7You already created a map with this name!"
    mapcreated: "%prefix% &7The Map &e%map%&7 was created, and the spawnpoint/respawnpoint was set to your location!"
    mapisfinished: "%prefix% &7You already finished this map! &e/mffa edit %map% &7to edit this map!"
    mapsetting: "%prefix% &7You set the %setting% for that map!"
    nomapfound: "%prefix% &7You didn't create a map with that name!"
    mapfinished: "%prefix% &7You set that map to &efinished &7and the map is playable! Use &e/mffa edit %map%&7 to edit the map!"
    mapnotallset: "%prefix% &7You didn't set all the settings for the map!"
    mapedit: "%prefix% &7You set that map to §eedit §7and the map is not playable anymore! Use &e/mffa finish %map%&7 to finish the map again!"
    shutdownreason: "%prefix% &7The server is shutting down!"
    listupdown: "&8&m-----&e&l MxrlinFFA &8&m-----"
    listpoint: "&8> %point%"
    mapswitch: "%prefix% &7The map switches in &e%secs%&7 seconds!"
    killed: "%prefix% &7You were killed by &e%killer%&7!"
    diedbyplayer: "%prefix% &7You killed &e%player%&7!"
    died: "%prefix% &7You died!"
    scoreboardtitle: "&eMxrlin&6FFA"
    equipped: "%prefix% &7You equipped &e%item%§7!"
    alreadyequipped: "%prefix &7You have already equipped &e%item%&7!"
    boughtitem: "%prefix% &7You bought &e%item% &7for &e%price%&7!"
    notenoughbuy: "%prefix% &7You dont have enough &eCoins &7to buy &e%item%&7!"
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