MyBackpack 0.2

Allows portable usage of an extra inventory

  1. Kassestral
    Welcome to MyBackpack!
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    Contains 18 slots
    Contains 27 slots
    Contains 36 slots
    MyBackpack allows users to craft a new inventory in which they can transport & store their items
    Craft a backpack and then right or left click to equip, it will then be removed from your inventory which symbolises it being equipped to your character, after that simply type /backpack open and you are ready to go!
    • Ability to craft backpacks
    • /Backpack Open
    • /Backpack Destroy
    • Configuration Control
    If you wish to opt-out please go to the plugin metrics config file and change opt-out to true
    • /Backpack Open (Opens backpack inventory)
    • /Backpack Destroy (Un-equips Backpack & Destroy items left in backpack)
    • (Ability to open backpack)
    • Backpack.craft.<small/medium/large> (Ability to craft different size backpacks)
    • Ability to view others backpacks (with permissions)
    • Ability to edit others backpacks (with permissions)
    • Droppable backpack on death option (Configuration Moderation)
    • Added Commands "/backpack"
    • Added Permission ""
    • Added Permission "Backpack.craft"
    • Added Configuration File
    • Added McStats
    • Added Backpacks "Medium/Large"
    • Added Permission "Backpack.craft.<small/medium/large>"
    • Added Command "Backpack.destroy"
    • Added Permission "Backpack.destroy"
    • Changed "Backpack" to "Small Backpack"
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Recent Reviews

  1. LordSpyderHD
    Version: 0.2
    If I do a right click on backpacks disappears , if I do it with two in the same slot , then equips