MyClasses 2015-04-17

A Fun PvP Classes Plugin

  1. magicced01
    MyClasses is a simple Plugin that adds some PvP Classes on your Server. You can join a Class and battle with your friends. Thx for over 1.5k Downloads

    Available Classes:

    • Warrior: Iron Armor, Diamond Sword with Sharpness II
    • Archer: Chain Armor, Bow with Power IV, 64 Arrows
    • Heavy: Iron Armor, Stone Sword with knockback II, Slowness II, Regeneration I
    • Ninja: Gold Boots, Gold Sword with Sharpness 5, 8 Enderpearls and Speed II
    • Spy: No Armor, Gold Sword with Sharpness 2, Invisibility, Speed I
    • Jumper: Leather Armor, Iron Sword with Sharpness I, Jump Boost X
    • Pyro : Two parts leather, two parts iron armor, Bow with Flame I, Iron Sword with Fire Aspect II
    • /warrior: Choose the Class Warrior
    • /archer: Chosse the Class Archer
    • /heavy: Chosse the Class Heavy
    • /ninja: Choose The Class Ninja
    • /spy: Choose The Class Spy
    • /jumper: Choose The Class Jumper
    • /pyro: Choose the Class Pyro
    • myclasses.warrior - allows you to choose the class warrior
    • myclasses.scout - allows you to choose the class scout
    • myclasses.heavy - allows you to choose the class heavy
    • - allows you to choose the class heavy
    • myclasses.pyro - allows you to choose the class pyro
    • myclasses.jumper - allows you to choose the class jumper
    Coming Soon!


    • completely recoded the plugin with Spigot 1.8 API
    • Permissions system added. Config File will come with Update 0.3, which is being released pretty soon
    • Plugin doesnt allow you to break or Place Blocks while in PvP Mode
    • Cool Particle Effects which apply on hit added
    • fall damage for jumper class fixed
    • ninja enderpeal damage fixed
    • Plugin saves your last class in a charmap and if you die, you respawn as the last class you picked
    • No Deathscreen on death. Instead you get teleported to the world spawn and get your class again for faster gameplay.
    • You dont loose food level.
    • Players are not allowed to drop Items
    • Custom Deathmessage on death. (Will be customisable in update 0.3)
    • In this Version the plugin shouldnt be used in public servers since it doesnt have customisable settings. You should only use it on a testserver
    • the class archer is now the class scout
    • The class spy was temporaly removed and will be reworked and again added in later versions v 0.1 Starting The Project
    To Do
    1. Translating the Plugin in English - Done
    2. Adding Permissions - Done
    3. Adding Configuration - Version 0.3
    Known Bugs
    • You need to disable fall damage with World Guard or the Jumper Class would die by fall damage - fixed
    • If you die your Class looses you buffs and you need to do /Class again - fixed