MyCommand for BungeeCord v1.3.0

MyCommand Bridge and Standalone plugin to create proxy-side custom commands.

  1. MRI
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    MyCommand for BungeeCord main mission is to act as a bridge and allow standard MyCommand plugin to communicate with the BungeeCord Proxy and execute, otherwise, unacessible proxy commands from the server.

    MyCommand for BungeeCord is also a standalone plugin who allows you to create custom commands directly on the proxy side. The commands created, appears to the player like a registered one.

    Take in mind this is a brand new plugin, and doesn't provide you all the tools the standard MyCommand has.

    What commands i can create with this plugin then?

    You can create TEXT based commands
    or perform multiple commands in one, using the RUN_COMMAND or RUN_AS_PROXY command types.

    Block BungeeCord Commands with an additional permission. (type : ADD_PERMISSION)

    Other command types :

    RAW_TEXT (Send clickable text, with the ability to hover messages, run commands and open links directly).

    BROADCAST_TEXT (Same as TEXT but send it to all the proxy players)
    BROADCAST_RAW_TEXT (Same as RAW_TEXT but send it to all the proxy players)

    (Both configurable, with specific permission or specific servers)

    (Send a Title message to the sender)
    BROADCAST_TITLE (Same as above but to all the players)

    (Create teleport commands.)

    It's possible customize the commands by applying delays "$delay$", using placeholders and changing the permission node/message
    It's also possible create commands with IF and ELSE script conditions

    Check the example to see how to create one.

    Main Commands :
    • /bmycmd (Show help)
    • /bmycmd reload (Reload the command files)
    • /bmycmd list (Show all the created commands by pages)
    • /bmycmd check <command> (Look into a created command)
    • /bmycmd edit <cmd_name> <field> <values> (In-Game editor)
    • /bmycmd runasproxy <command> (Run a command as a console sender)
    • /bmycmd broadcast <server> <message> (Broadcast to a specific server)
    • /bmycmd-run </cmd> (This command allows you to run bMycmd Commands from the console)

    Permissions :

    /bmycmd - bmycmd.admin (This permission, also allow's you to run every command you create)
    /bmycmd-run -

    PlaceHolders :

    RUN_COMMAND PlaceHolders:

    To be used as a prefix :

    (Wait x seconds before doing the action, configure it with delaytimer: 1)
    $text$ (Send a text message instead of running a command)
    $broadcasttext$ (Same as above but broadcast)
    $log$ (show a log message in the console)

    Normal one's
    (Place this at the desider position to get it replaced with the arguments typed in the chat prompt)
    $arg1 , $arg2 ... $arg9 (Replace each one with the correspondent argument typed in the chat prompt.

    Player PlaceHolders:

    $player (Returns with the player name)
    $display_name (Differently from $player, this return with the name formatted, with color ecc.)
    $uuid (Return with the sender unique id)
    $ping (Return with the ping of the sender)
    $server_name (Gets the name of the sender server)
    $server_motd (Gets the motd of the sender server)
    $online (Returns with the amount of people connected in the whole network)
    $randomnumber%10% or $randomnumber%5<to>10%
    $main_hand (Returns with the default hand set up from the player. LEFT or RIGHT )
    $chat_mode (Returns with HIDDEN, SHOWN or COMMANDS_ONLY. Useful to determinate if a player has the chat limited in one of this state)
    $server_online (Returns with the amount of people connected in that same serverof the player sender)

    Colorcode: &1 to &f or $random_color

    1.16+ support for hex rgb 24bit colors. Use this placeholder to set-up the color
    $hex%#000000% -> $hex%#FFFFFF%

    Some command examples (commands.yml) :

    If you used MyCommand before, you can see how it looks exactly the same.

    RUN_COMMAND and RUN_AS_PROXY can run only proxy commands, not the server one's.

    Code (Text):

     command: /bungee
     permission-required: true
     register: false
     command: /mybungeetext
     type: TEXT
       - "&aLine 1"
       - "&bLine 2"
       - "&cecc.."
     permission-required: false
      command: /bungee_raw
      type: RAW_TEXT
      - "&aHello &b$player! &aHover your mouse over me!; &dMAGIC"
      - "&0[&d*&0]&e Click me; &eClick here to suggest the command &d/bmycmd;/bmycmd"
      - "$RUN_COMMAND$&0[&e*&0]&c Set the time to day; &eClick to Execute;/time set day"
      - "$OPEN_URL$&0[&e*&0]$random_color Open; &eClick to open;"
     permission-required: false
     command: /serverinfo
     type: TEXT
      - "&eHello &2$player!"
      - "&aYou're currently connected on the server &2$server_name"
      - "&b$server_motd"
      - "&2And your current PING to &a$server_name &2is &a$ping"
     permission-required: false
     command: /bungeeruncmd
     type: RUN_COMMAND
      - "$text$&eHello &2$player! &bTesting TEXT"
      - "$delay$/alert 3"
      - "$delay$/alert 2"
      - "$delay$/alert 1"
     permission-required: true
     permission-node: "bmycmd.runcommand.test"
     permission-error: "&cYou can't use this command!"
     delaytimer: 1
     command: /gotolobby
     type: RUN_AS_PROXY
      - "/send $player lobby"
      - "$text$&eTeleported to lobby."
     permission-required: false
     command: /onlyfromlobby
     type: TEXT
       - "&eThis Command works only from the lobby"
     permission-required: false
     error-message: "&cThis command can be used only from the lobby"
     - lobby
      command: /bungee_dynamic_title
      type: TITLE
      - '&aHello &e$player'
      - '&aha&3ve a &4nice &bDAY'
        effect_type: 1
      command: /bungee_broadcast_title
      - '&0[&cINFO&0]&a $multiargs'
      - '&9(&bBroadcast message&9)'
        effect_type: 0
        fadein: 1
        stay: 5
        fadeout: 2
     command: /bscript_example
     type: RUN_COMMAND
      - $Script$%if%$server_name==lobby
      - $delay$
      - $text$You're in the lobby, and the massage waited one second to appear cause the $delay!
      - $Script$%if%$server_name==lobby<and>$arg1==password
      - $text$&aAccess Granted!
      - $text$&aTo see this message you had to soddisfy 2 condition. Servername lobby and the correct password!
      - $Script$%else%
      - $text$&cYou're not in the lobby and the password isn't correct too
     permission-required: false
     delaytimer: 1
      command: /bungee_bc_sky
      type: BROADCAST_TEXT
      - '&aHello players of skygames!'
      - bedwars
      - skygames
      permission-required: true
      command: /gohub
      type: CHANGE_SERVER
      server_name: lobby
     command: /hexcolormessage
     type: TEXT
      - "$hex%#16a085%This is how you can set-up a custom color using the HEX RGB code."
      - "$hex%#ff7111%Just $hex%#760fcb%some $hex%#8b7d6b%color $hex%#ffe181%here $hex%#c3cde6%and $hex%#760fcb%there"
     permission-required: false
    If you want to hide a command, or override another plugin command, you can use "register: false" to unregistered that command. By default they are registered.

    Other fields:
    "broadcast_message_permission_node:" (Put this field in a broadcast command to allow only certain players to see that message)

    If you don't want to use those features, you can disable the Listener in the config.yml and the impact it will be zero. (if there is any).
    Turning off the custom command feature, it always leave the Bridge working allowing server-side MyCommand to communicate with the proxy.
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Recent Reviews

  1. XGamer11208
    Version: v1.3.0
    Good Plugin.
    But i would add a Bungee-RUN_COMMAND option as a Bungee-Plugin can force a player to run a bukkit-command.
    That would be perfect
  2. Stixil
    Version: v1.3.0
    Excellent plugin does all that I need it to, very easy and good possibilities for configuration.
  3. Norge100
    Version: v1.3.0
    Good but can we modify "You can't do that"?
    Version: v1.3.0
    Nice plugin but I don’t understand how to configure tab completer for BungeeCord command
  5. BurakGKTP
    Version: v1.2.1
    what I am trying to do is I want to give an item to a player on the specified server or run a command, although I have not tried this many times and days, but I could not do it. Help me.

    command: /givecmd
    type: RUN_COMMAND
    - $Script$%if%$server_name==$arg1
    - $text$&f<servername> <playername> <itemname>
    - /give $arg2 $arg3
    - $Script$%else%
    - $text$&cno value specified

    Please let me know what the correct code is or give the discord account to whoever owns the plugin.
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      Write in the discussion in the forum for this type of thing. Anyway, This plugin is able to reach only proxy commands. So the give one for him it doesn't exist. Wha you can do is to use my plugin in conjunction of things like CommandSync, so you can run commands in specific servers.
    Version: v1.2.1
    Great plugin, works as it should but doesn't have "cooldown" feature. So... 4 stars for now.
  7. JackOUT
    Version: 1.2.0
    Love this awesome plugin, great work developer. There's just 1 thing I would add for this plugin which would save me and probably other people a lot of hours, a discord server for support.

    I'm currently having problem with the /bmycmd command, every time I use that command it says I have 'insufficient permissions' even though I gave my self the bmycmd.admin permission and server operator.

    Hope you can help me find out the problem.

    Keep up the awesome work!
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      Take in mind that you have to give that permission to a Proxy related Permission plugin, like BungeePerms for example. You can't add the permission normally on server side, everything must be proxy side.
      Thank for the review anyway :D
  8. thekiller
    Version: 1.1.0
    Lo he probado y realmente es excelente, tiene muchas funciones y esta muy bien desarrollado a diferencia de otros complementos. Una cosa, cuando inserto una URL en un text EXAMPLE: " $text$ &fLink:&e" El usuario no puede darle clic al enlace no le da la opción de abrir el enlace con algún navegador. ¿Es normal?
    Excellent Plugin 5 Stars
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      In the next release, 'im going to add a "RAW_TEXT" command type, who allows you to do that. Overlay text, suggest commands and as you ask open links.
  9. TheOGDominic
    Version: 1.0
    It's good, but I can't find a way to have the commands registered, so now players think the commands aren't commands even though they are.
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      Well, it's written in the first lines what this plugin does. The point is, there isn't a register inside the bungeecord api's. Checking around, i managed to make a fakesimile registered command. In the next release you can find that.
  10. BossslimrplayzYT
    Version: 1.0
    I am honestly SO happy right now, mycommand is legit my FAVORITE custom command/text type plugins, I have made things like tag plugins and other cool stuff with it, and now that it is on bungeecord, it makes my whole server feel different now that I can have custom text and commands throughout my server, especially since I can use bungeeperms and then use this plugin to make it /rank <player> <rank>. TYSM for making this a thing. EZ 5 star