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MyCommand v5.6.9b

Make your own, customized Minecraft commands

  1. MRI
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16


    Make your own, customized Minecraft commands​

    Sponsor: mc.sphx.it


    • Make new commands!. (Also registered command)
    • Run other plugin commands in a new one
    • Perform several commands in one command.
    • Delayed commands with custom pause, warmups and cooldowns
    • Make Shortcut/alias commands or override other commands.
    • Run commands through items, blocks, signs, book, events, villager npcs, itemframes and more.
    • Various features for costumize your commands, like placeholders, scripts (if-else) and more.
    • Console support
    • Economy features supported. MyCommand can also act as a stand alone economy plugin (Require Vault)
    • All features are highly customizable
    • No command limits with multiple file support.
    • Customizable IconMenu (ChestGUI), ActionBar, BossBar, Hover/ClickableText, Title and Scoreboard commands, Anvil GUI , Sign GUI (Use the sign or Anvil as chat prompt).
    • Allow the execution of commands in various circumstances (per world, by worldguard regions and more.
    • Custom players database where you can store anything you want to personalize even more your commands. SQL database supported.
    • BungeeCord features, Scheduler, Http Requests (GET or POST), Join/Quit/Death events, custom.png images on map and itemframes to run commands ...
    • Command auto complete (tab completer) supported. (register: true)
    • ... And much, much more..!
    • (optional) Vault Plugin
    • (optional) PlaceholderAPI

    1. Configuration and example (Documentation)
    2. Commands & permissions
    3. MyCommand for BungeeCord

    Video Tutorial (MyCommand 5.1.8) :

    (English) by Koz4Christ.

    (French) Getting Started (TEXT and ALIAS commands) by Texier (MyCommand 5.5.0)

    For any yml-reader problem, use http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/

    /lmcmd :
    (old feature now standalone) /lmcmd (LaunchMultiCommands)

    Metrics :

    This plugin uses bStats Metrics - MyCommand stats page

    If you like this plugin, and want to offer me a coffee, consider to donate! Thank you :D

Recent Reviews

  1. LadyAnime
    Version: v5.6.9b
    This is THE BEST plugin to run my commands without giving players permissions to run them otherwise. I LOVE this one because after you figure out exactly how to get it set up it's super easy and can be used in tons of different ways. Best part is that you can reload the commands in game and it doesn't need a full server restart like some other plugins. Very happy with this. Amazing and would give it more stars if I could. ( I'm not the type to even leave reviews but this has been a literal game changer for me ) Thank you thank you thank you <3 =)
  2. Kyles120
    Version: v5.6.9b
    I'm having an issue with Hex colors and text commands. I have some commands that will display some text in the chat and I also have it setup so some of the words have text shown if you hover your cursor over it. For some reason the Hex colors placeholders don't work in the hover text, but they work fine in the normal text. Any hex placeholders past the ";" just dont work for some reason.
  3. Kapsync
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Excellent plugin, it really annoys me that I had to download a separate plugin to do one thing, but mycmd fixes it all. I have one feature I want to suggest which is the ability to run commands or text when a player joins for the first time. Other than that, the plugin is great
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      You can do it using scripts and the playerevents.yml file. Check if a playerdata value is set to true or false and if not show the welcome message.
  4. RyanLeVicious
    Version: v5.6.9b
    This seemed like the perfect plugin, but it's mostly jam packed with bloatware. Tons of features irrelevant to the core function, and reason people looked towards this plugin. Things such as standalone economy shouldn't be packed into a plugin that's meant for shortcut commands essentially. The work is appreciated, but this is not a plugin for people looking to have just a lightweight custom commands plugin.
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      If you don't need a specific feature, just don't use it, turn off all the listeners you don't want, and ends here. It's not like it's going to slow down your server. Especially if you're going to use only the command feature. And no, my plugin isn't for only creating shorcuts, people are really using all those "bloatware" feature to create more flexible commands, otherwise impossible to be done. It's everything around commands. Shortcut, if you like yes, but also everything else. It's MyCommand afterall, not MyShortcut. for that you can just edit the commands file of bukkit.
      Standalone economy? Again, if you turn it on or off, the impact is zero. And it's just an interface to vault, 1kb code, database where already here by years with playerdata. Why it's here? Because lately people are using my plugin to optimize their plugin list if not necessary in a secondary gamemode server for example. I'm the first to suggest a dedicated plugin on a main server.
      I don't know if you also complain under other people plugin because they pack feature you don't need. Anyway, in config.yml you can disable everything that can "potentially" slow down your server.
  5. GoatyTheGoat
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Awesome plugin & developer (author of the plugin). I really appreciate every update he does.
  6. skino0
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Awesome plugin! When i realize what opportunities it giving you to play with i have stopped to using it ! its really good if you are good with a lot of inspiration !The only bad thing is that the commands are red and not visible when someone typing those , but its not problem if you have a guide system for your players ! The reason that im typing this review is to say.. authorr thanks & hope you continue update it god bless you <3
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.
      Unregistered commands shows as red, if you register them with "register: true" they appears as normal command, and you can also create custom tab_completer for them. Remember to restart the server to make them effective.
  7. Saphirus
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Great Plugin, has allowed a ton of extra features to be made with ease without requiring any other plugins to do simple tasks
  8. D3dBrain
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Haha 5.6.9b funny number haha nice plugin lolz xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. AusTV
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Excelent plugin. Complete and easy to use. Also, will mycommands support RGB colors?
  10. GVB_LT
    Version: v5.6.9b
    Please remove b latter from plugin version becouse i put new version this plugin whit b latter and from console its say plugin have new version...