MyCommand 5.6.0

Make your own, customized Minecraft commands

  1. MRI
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14


    Make your own, customized Minecraft commands​

    • Make new commands!. (Also registered command)
    • Run others command in new one
    • Perform several commands in one
    • Delayed commands with custom pause, warmups and cooldowns
    • Make Shortcut/alias commands or override commands.
    • Run commands with any item , block, signs, book and villager npcs.
    • Various functions for costumize commands, like placeholders, scripts (if-else) and more.
    • Console support
    • Economy support (Require Vault)
    • All features are highly customizable
    • No command limits with multiple file support.
    • Customizable IconMenu (ChestGUI), ActionBar, BossBar, Hover/ClickableText, Title and Scoreboard commands.
    • Allow the execution of commands in various circumstances (per world, by worldguard regions and more.
    • Custom players database where you can store anything you want to personalize even more your commands. SQL database supported.
    • BungeeCord feature, Scheduler, Join/Quit/Death events ...
    • ... And much, much more..!
    • (optional) Vault Plugin
    • (optional) PlaceholderAPI

    1. Configuration and example
    2. Commands & permissions
    3. MyCommand for BungeeCord

    Video Tutorial (MyCommand 5.1.8) :

    (English) by Koz4Christ.

    (French) Getting Started (TEXT and ALIAS commands) by Texier (MyCommand 5.5.0)

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    Metrics :

    This plugin uses bStats Metrics - MyCommand stats page

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Recent Reviews

  1. MrAnonymous
    Version: 5.6.0
    Amazing plugin! Super handy for making shorter commands. Yet has many other cool features! You can create custom GUI menus, you also have the ability to run commands with buttons, pressure plates, signs or even villager NPCs + more! They are just some of the few reasons I would 110% recommend this plugin!

    One stage we were running the version of this plugin that was tested on 1.10, on 1.13 without any real issues, other than not being able to use items in later versions of Minecraft, there were no major issues!
  2. pinkpig
    Version: 5.6.0
    Absolutely amazing plugin that has been maintained for years and worked perfectly. Offers so many features and can replace many plugins. Not to mention, it's free! ^_^

    Additionally, I asked for help on Bukkit and the developer was quick to reply and solved my issue in one post!

    Features: 5 Stars
    Wiki & Examples: 5 Stars
    Dev Support: 5 Stars
    Worth: 5 Stars
  3. sylvain
    Version: 5.5.1
    Really usefull plugin. I'm using it since few years now and i love it.
    Really helpful dev, quick replies.
  4. cawleeflower
    Version: 5.5.1
    Best plugin. Gave me ability to make custom commands like /rankup and the developer is super helpful. Replies within 24hours. Super nice!!
  5. JugadorNuevo17
    Version: 5.5.1
    Una basura de plugin hace aƱos funcionaba ahora falla, hasta los propios comandos ya creados en el archivo command no funcionan borra esta mierda o haz que funcione
  6. LoneDev
    Version: 5.5.1
    Amazing resource, this is exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot
  7. KleinWunder
    Version: 5.5.1
    I love it! You can pretty much do everything! You learn new things all the time and get to know the possibilities better. You could create a whole server by just using this plugin!
  8. rexvonzombie
    Version: 5.5.1
    By far the most powerful command creation plugin to ever exist. Please never stop updating this. I and many others are doing great things with it. Great, complicated things with absolutely no coding involved.
  9. Kshitij
    Version: 5.5.1
    Hi! This is a great plugin! I needed a little help. How do I do something like this: I have a custom command /command, and i want it to run /kill %player_name%. So how do I make it do /command <player>? Thanks.
    1. MRI
      Author's Response
      hey! thanks.
      To do what you ae asking for, use the $arg1 placeholder after the /kill command. "/kill $arg1" $arg1 basically is what the player type in the position 1 after the command.
  10. DjGamerDz
    Version: 5.5.1
    Very useful plugin, you don't have to be a java developer to make your own commands!